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Bruce Dickinson

Businessman, Pilot & Lead Singer of Iron Maiden





Bruce Dickinson is the lead singer of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden and is renowned for his wide-ranging operatic vocal style and energetic stage presence. 

In between Iron Maiden and solo projects Bruce Dickinson learned to fly in the US and now holds a commercial airline pilot's licence. 



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Bruce Dickinson is not only lead singer of Iron Maiden but also a pilot. Music and aviation are only two facets of his eventful life. 

Like all entrepreneurs he is his own creation, but his family had a bit of `previous`. Dickinson's mother, a housewife and his father, the son of a miner and a former army mechanic, showed entrepreneurial smarts. In Sheffield and starting with nothing his parents eventually built a successful business by buying property, refurbishing it and then selling it for a profit until they bought a boarding house and a bankrupt garage where his father began selling second-hand cars.

In between Iron Maiden and solo projects Dickinson learned to fly in the US and now holds a commercial airline pilot's licence. He flew regularly in his role as a captain for UK charter airline Astraeus, which, from late 2010, also employed him as marketing director. 

After flying numerous rescue and humanitarian missions, he piloted Maiden's chartered Boeing 757, dubbed `Ed Force One`, a plane specially converted to carry the band's equipment between continents. Following Astraeus' closure in November 2011, Dickinson launched Cardiff Aviation Ltd in May 2012. Cardiff Aviation is an aircraft maintenance business based in South Wales. The company serves as a base for the repair and overhaul of aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 767 & was expected to create around 1,500 jobs, potentially bringing huge benefits to the region’s economy.