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Fabian Hediger

Founder & CEO


Fabian Hediger, CEO at beecom, Founder of WORLDWEBFORUM & Speaker at the WORLDWEBFORUM 2016






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Media Coverage


Media Coverage


Dream Big




Top ranked Atlassian partner with beecom


Fabian is a former professional triathlete


Fabian is the CEO of the beecom AG

beecom received an award as of the best Atlassian partners

Photo: Jay Simons, President Atlassian, Fabian Hediger, & Mike Cannon Brookes, Founder Atlassian








WORLDWEBFORUM was founded in 2013

The mission: to bring together international decision-makers in order to support the development of technical innovation

Photo: Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple, live on stage at WORLDWEBFORUM 2015




Interview with Fabian Hediger for Neo Network



Fabian with Atlassian-Founder Mike Cannon-Brookes(r.) & Atlassian President Jay Simons

Fabian & Jay Simons, President Atlassian by the Charlie Club meeting 2014 on Hamilton Island

Fabian visits the Atlassian product manager for JIRA & Confluence in Sydney

Fabian Hediger, CEO beecom mit Anian Stäbler, beecom Head of Marketing im Atlassian Headquarter in Sydney

Fabian Hediger with Anian Stäbler, COO at WORLDWEBFORUM at the Sydney Headquarter of Atlassian

Fabian Hediger in San Francisco


Fabian Hediger with Anian Stäbler, COO at WORLDWEBFORUM, on the way to Hamilton Island

Meeting the Atlassian DevTeams in Sydney


Fabian Hediger on the way to Hamilton Island