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  • Marian Goodell


Marian Goodell

Founding Member & CEO

San Francisco


Marian Goodell, Founding Member & CEO of Burning Man Project & Speaker at the WORLDWEBFORUM 2017

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Burning Man changes the way you look at yourself and what you’re bringing into the world. It is a network of people united in pursuit of a more creative and connected existence. The culture is inspired by  the Ten Principles, which reflect the community's ethos as it organically developed since the event's inception in 1986.

Burning Man employs 80+ year-round staff with a 30 million dollar yearly operating budget.

Burning Man is an 8-day annual gathering of 75,000 people in Nevada’s Black Rock desert. Burning Man’s Black Rock City becomes Nevada’s fourth largest metropolitan area complete with post office, emergency services, city streets, 1000+ interactive theme camps and villages, hundreds of art installations, and volunteer-non-confrontational Black Rock City Ranger community mediators. As a decommodified culture, no currency is exchanged outside the sale of coffee and ice.








No rubbish bins exist in Black Rock City. Everyone is responsible for taking away whatever they bring. It is called radical self-reliance. The community is committed to leaving no physical trace of activities both inside and outside of Black Rock City. They strive to leave all environments better than they found them.



The fast-growing Burning Man Global Network plays a key role in the year-round extension of the Burning Man experience and culture. There are now 65 annual events taking place in 34 countries with regional representatives in 120 cities worldwide.




A drones view on Burning Man


     What is Burning Man? ... in a single word?   


Marian Goodell at TEDxTokyo 2014












As the organization’s recently named first CEO, Marian oversees Burning Man’s year-round staff of 70+ employees and its annual operating budget of approximately $30 million. Marian first attended Burning Man in 1995, and in 1997 was a co-founder of the management organization that eventually became Black Rock City, LLC, which produces the Burning Man event. Throughout her leadership in the Burning Man organization, she has been the Director of Business and Communications, and also oversaw the Black Rock City Department of Public Works. She has steered the development of the Burning Man Regional Network, which is now on six continents, with more than 250 representatives in 30 countries. Marian is a founding board member of the Burning Man Project, the Black Rock Arts Foundation, and Black Rock Solar. She is currently leading the organization’s efforts to facilitate and extend the Burning Man ethos globally.

Marian holds a BA in Creative Writing from Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland and an MFA in photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She has worked in sales and public relations, and was a project manager for a software development firm when she first arrived as a participant at Burning Man in 1995.