The new platform unlocks beneficial use cases of AI-generated synthetic media

Zurich (January 17, 2020) — Alethea AI , a Los-Angeles based AI production studio that is building the world’s first decentralized Synthetic Content Network announced its first global campaign at the Worldwebforum in Zurich . Alethea AI aims to empower users to create synthetic content using its algorithms, edit and personalize existing media such as movie scenes and music videos, or to create entirely new ones by creating a digital copy of themselves.

To showcase its technology and challenge the negative reputation that synthetic media has received due to its recent history of misuse, Alethea AI produced the following video on the climate emergency. The satirical synthetic video, made for the Apologia Project , a climate change awareness project initiated by a non-profit called STEP, presents an unnerving depiction of what the world could look like in 2032.

The year was selected in reference to scientists’ prediction that the earth’s temperature would then hit the consequential +1.5°C ceiling, widely acknowledged as a point of no return. In the coming weeks, people will democratically vote for the next leader that should apologize for ignoring the Climate Emergency. All synthetic videos generated using Alethea AI’s technology will feature prominent disclaimers and will be watermarked to represent that they have been digitally altered.

“AI-generated media is a powerful storytelling force multiplier,” said Arif Khan, the CEO, and co-founder of Alethea AI. “The climate emergency requires all governments and relevant stakeholders to act swiftly and decisively or risk losing the economic gains that capitalism has facilitated in the past hundred years”.

On Synthetic Media, Arif cautioned: “The emergence and wide availability of Synthetic Media tools are likely to transform the media landscape. How we respond to this emergent media landscape, depends on how well informed and inoculated our communities will be. To prevent a dystopian world from emerging, we have created Alethea AI with the vision of empowering individuals to understand the value of their voices and faces. We aim to educate users about malicious synthetic media while understanding how our technology can be used to unlock economic value and productivity gains as it enables new modes of artistic expression”. Following this campaign, Alethea AI is planning to partner with artists and organizations to raise awareness about deepfakes in a benign context. Alethea AI will also be releasing a mobile app that will gamify the detection of deepfakes and in the process inoculate its users against the harms of deepfakes.

About Alethea AI

Alethea AI is building a decentralized Synthetic Media Network. The Los-Angeles based company is offering its technology to artists, non-profits, marketing and brand agencies and independent consumers to design AI-generated media, such as images, videos, and audio, for benevolent use-cases.

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