The biggest concerns about working with AI are poor communication, being hard to work with, and inconsistent performance.

This track discusses how AI has the power to take teamwork to the next level, but it cannot be a crutch for dysfunctional teams. If we don’t fix our teams now, imagine what will happen when we add in AI?

Experience the future of Artificial Intelligence

Track Chair

Arif Khan

Chief Marketing Officer, SingularityNET

Arif Khan is Chief Marketing Officer at SingularityNET leading a dedicated team of designers, marketers and community leaders for the most ambitious AI meets Blockchain project. He has more than a decade of international business and marketing experience launching leading technologies in both emerging and developed markets. 

Arif is a top writer for Artificial Intelligence on and his work has been featured in VentureBeat, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. 

Alex Kotran

President & Founder, The American AI Forum; Advisor to the CEO, H5, San Francisco, USA

Alex Kotran is the Founder and President of the American AI Forum, an education nonprofit founded in 2019 working to prepare students, judges, and other stakeholders for the age of artificial intelligence. In addition to his work at the helm of the AI Forum, Alex also leads Strategic Initiatives for H5, a legal technology company specializing in high-stakes litigation for Fortune 500 companies. H5 was a pioneer in deploying AI in the legal industry.


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The Implications — Governance and Leadership

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