Check out our new office, designed by Fawad Kazi architect

Our beecom office has just undergone a facelift! Have you visited our office before? Gone are the old cubicle-like working spaces and well-used furniture.The new concept is what architect Fawad Kazi calls “ confetti and hot spaces” –  sprinkled freedom, where the inhabitants have the choice of how to use their collective open and closed spaces.

In collaboration with iconic design house Vitra, Kazi has combined popular work space ideologies with personal, playful elements that are metaphorically meaningful to beecom and WORLDWEBFORUM.

From the custom-made wallpaper of golden DeLoreans against our trademark black (an out-and-proud nod to our ambition to time-travel), to Star Wars characterized areas, to the purpose-driven enclosed rooms, the redesign offers a considered relationship between time and space.

As a result, the whole office is a transparent mix of passion and retro futurism.

As you enter, Verner Panton’s statement pieces, the Living Tower and Amoeba high-back chairs, shout tribute to “the early 70’s:  a time to lose conventions and to establish new ways of living and working”.

The Living Tower is in itself, functional art as it invites the team and guests to climb in and get a different perspective of the world. This echoes the mission of WORLDWEBFORUM, a meeting point for leaders to change their focus points. As such, Kazi also brought the Living Towers to the January event, where guests were invited to do exactly the same: consider their world from additional perspectives, with different textures and unconventional viewpoints.  

Confetti – in the main work areas desks are placed oblique-angled, as an active effort to break conventions and foster greater collaborative flows that are not segmented by rigid partitions. Sleek storage sideboards by Zurich designer Mathias Frei allow belongings to be tidily organized, and the spaceship-like pods (topped with Stormtroopers) pepper the floor, providing a place for private conversations.

While meeting rooms remain a necessity, it is also critical to acknowledge that not all employees work in the same manner, in order to reach maximum productivity.

Hot spaces – the three enclosed rooms serve distinctly different purposes, with different proportions, furnishing and lighting to guide their usage:

  1. The War Room: guarded by Chewbacca has a “by invitation only” feel, where the heavy Eames Lobby Chairs and the Viennese Sputnik Lamp set the scene for a place where strategies are set and big decisions are discussed.
  2. The Mos Eisley Cantina: an open space divided by transparent glass connecting the reception area and a room where employees have the freedom to rearrange the formation as desired, for mixed use.
  3. The Emperor’s Room, indicated by the Emperator on his throne. The idea of one huge table with 24 black Panton Chairs is that the whole of beecom can come together, at a collective meeting point.

To reflect on the redesign, Kazi states,

“The design of the office has been an experimental and open process. We came up with meaningful ideas, to be applied to encourage relationships between open and closed spaces, light and dark schemes, finally unfolding a radical and inspiring working place.”