Spot our new posters around Zurich

This week, Worldwebforum will splash acid yellow around Zürich city as we launch our eye-catching billboards featuring iconic leaders who have empowered radical change through their inventions, advocacies, and policies.

Snap a photo of our Wanted: Leader billboards and tag us @worldwebforum on your favorite social media platform.

Have you seen the ads and wondered what they are about? Read more about our topic here.

Worldwebforum 2020 Topic Wanted: Leader ad feat. Coco Chanel
Worldwebforum 2020 Topic Wanted: Leader, Winston Churchill
Worldwebforum 2020 Topic Wanted: Leader, Martin Luther King Junior

Our topic 2020

Worldwebforum 2020 Wanted: Leader is a call-to-arms to pioneers, nerds, mavericks, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, misfits and you to come together to examine the question “What do I need to do today to be successful tomorrow?”