As blockchain permeates all facets of transaction economy and the ecosystem for smart contracts expand, this track will dive into the mixed cases for blockchain application and implementation from health, finance, creative industry and beyond.

Join this track to meet blockchain professionals at the forefront of distributed ledger technology and the researchers of pre-market payment technologies.

Experience the future of a blockchain-based society

Blockchain has the potential to change our financial world, our economy and our legal system. It has the potential to change our society in a disruptive way if we use its potential properly. The use cases seem almost endless.

You will learn and discuss with experts, strategists, innovative start-ups and business leaders how to stay ahead of the competition. Benefit from cross-industry use cases, insights and collaboration.

Track Chair and Host

Alexander Denzler

Professor & Head of Blockchain Lab @ Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts , Director Crypto Valley Conference, Lucerne and Zug, Switzerland

*Societies are built on trust. Digital societies, with a high level of automation and digitalization, are no exception. Blockchain technology manages to provide us with just that, digitalized trust. As such, it has great potential to change our economy, society and everyday life.”

Alexander Denzler is Professor and Head of Blockchain Lab at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts as well as Director & Founder of the Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology (IEEE). He has a broad knowledge and network in the blockchain environment.

Kurt Ris

CEO, EveryWare, Zurich, Switzerland

*Blockchain technology is young, but has a huge potential. Practical applications are thin on the ground and many questions remain unanswered – legal, technical and commercial.*

With over 3000 business customers, EveryWare is the leading Swiss cloud and IT service provider with its own data center and network infrastructure in Zurich. On our highly scalable, georedundant platforms, we operate private cloud, hosting and managed IT services for the highest demands on performance, availability and security.

We combine over 20 years of expertise in design, construction and operation of the largest platforms with state-of-the-art cloud technologies. This makes us a reliable innovation partner for business.


Session 1


Insights and use cases with focus on central banks and crypto currency, Cryptoeconomics and crypto as assets.

Session 2


Insights and use cases concerning governmental and regulatory challenges as well as compliance challenges.

Session 3


Insights and use cases regarding security, identity management, scalability & consensus, crypto assets, IoT & shared data.

Track Speakers

German Ramirez

Co-Founder & Chief Relevance Officer, The Relevance House, Zug, Switzerland

Günther Dobrauz

Partner & Leader, PwC Legal, Zurich, Switzerland

Lili Zhao

Director, NEO Global Development, Zurich, Switzerland

Vasily Suvorov

VP Technology Strategy, Luxoft, Zug, Switzerland

André Wolke

CEO & Co-Founder, Validity Labs, Zug, Switzerland

Henry Benoit

CEO, BlockFactory, Zurich, Switzerland

Track Chair

Track Host