Are emotionalization and commercialization drivers and accelerators along the food chain as complementary aspects besides tech?

Experience the future of food

After recognizing that ecosystems are playing a major role especially when comes to food in the past, this term we are aiming to shift our focal points to topics like the commercialization of cross industry approaches and the human factor.

Emotions are today the driving factor in many businesses, lifestyle often controls pragmatism. We want to learn from “top class food emotionalists” what’s driving their business ideas and how the digital food chain can support.

Track Hosts

Stephan Keller

Director Engineering and Manufacturing Division, V-ZUG AG, Zug Switzerland

The technical opportunities offered by the vivid development of digitization and projected benefits along the Foodchain through partnership and cooperation within this industry were focal points and drivers of the past two WWF and today we can already earn the fruits in form of dedicated end user products today such as the KuhnRikon and V-ZUG cooking solution.

In the 2020 edition we want to shift perspective and think from different angles – like food artists or pragmatics – such as emotional aspects connected to food and the Foodchain as well as extended questions of commercialization of digital products.

Jürg Hodel

CEO, STAUFEN.INOVA, Zurich, Switzerland

Never before has there been so much talk about nutrition: superfood, ethnic food, vegans, flexitarians, carnivores, food intolerances, low carb and no carb … Inside their culinary comfort zones, consumers are besieged by ever new catchwords and trends. The food industry is having to face up to new needs and demands as it readies itself for the challenges of a major transformation process. Nowadays, innumerable food start-ups and innovative companies are turning the market rules upside down by combining food production with technology.

At the WWF 2020 we will be investigating this «Radical Change», while also including an unusual artistic component.


Session 1


Knowing what is on your plate or in the packaging: the need for transparency is taken into account here.

Session 2


Human emotions are the key success factor for the acceptance of digital solutions. Discover the emotional part of food in this session.

Session 3

Business Cases

More circular economy, less waste. Find out more about business models that put their heart and soul into this approach.

Session 4


Arena Discussion regarding the Human relationship with food in respect to digital possibilities.

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