Is end-to-end transparency from seed to plate still a dream? What research and development contribute, consumers expect and what the food industry delivers.

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When talking about food in general, many stakeholders from biotech industry, farming, processing industry, “semi finished” food products and ingredients, the supply chain as well as consumers and their habits are involved among many more.

Digitalization will affect all these areas in manifold aspects.

The vertical food chain tries to bring these stakeholders together in order to identify fields of cooperation potential beneficial business models based on end user benefits.

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Stephan Keller

Director Engineering and Manufacturing Division, V-ZUG AG

As digitization as seen by end users along the food chain will affect many and not only one industry, it will not only be beneficial but necessary that a vivid interaction, exchange and alignment of participating partners is taking place.

This forum shall be a perfect opportunity to initiate such a discussion and detect fields of action in various dimensions such as data related topics to value streams in a broader sense. Switzerland is small enough, innovative and agile to bring such a complicated mesh of involved interests together and we are very keen to learn and identify opportunities.

Jürg Hodel


Consumers expect and regulators request end-to-end transparency along the food value chain: from seed to plate. In addition, people want to be guided through their daily nutrition program with health trackers and by menu guidance adapted to their activities.

These trends are challenges but also opportunities for companies operating along the food chain. Digitization is not simply a buzzword but an enabling factor. Through open collaboration the development of new integrated E2E solutions will be accelerated. Switzerland with its well-linked companies and predictable regulations offers additional assets.


Session 1

Big Data, Block Chain and Artificial Intelligence along the Foodchain

Session 2

Farming and Soil Science

Session 3

Digitally supported Food Supply Chain in Retail

Session 4

Coopetition in Digital Recipes; Coorporation for a better Competition

Session 5

Digital Recipes

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