Fresh leadership and thinking needed.

New visions, a design approach to work and courage to make it happen, needed. 

Every organization is searching for their purpose; individuals want to work with a company with a purpose. Or is this all hype? Does it differ where on the globe we look at this? Why now? What can we learn from what has been done?

Create the next generation of work.

A new generation with a different sense of meaning in work, compute power at quantum scale, ubiquitous AI, mixed reality interactions, hyper connectedness between people and things are only some of the drivers of change. Environmental instability, mass migration, a next round of mass automation on the horizon are challenges at a global scale. For many traditional organizations digital transformation seems like a continuous non-stop uphill battle. And yet we are living in a time where we can create abundance at a scale like never before.

Meet and discuss with leaders who have taken new paths for their organizations. Based on purpose, consciously working to integrate the human-machine workforce, leveraging community and technology to scale ideas globally.

Experience the power of right brain and left brain decision making to shape a sustainable, desirable and viable future.

Track Chair and Host

Barbara Josef

Co-Founder, 5to9, Brütten, Switzerland

Sophie Proust

CTO, Atos, Paris, France

Quantum, autonomous driving, mixed reality, precision medicines – these changes are impacting everyone in society. And this needs to be reflected in the teams and organizations and approaches we apply when creating new solutions.

We need to build a collective intelligence and really need to have women and people with a large variety of backgrounds, thinking and geographical perspectives to create balanced solutions.


Session 1

Laying the base: Purpose

The next generation is high-tech and high touch. Globally, youth are demanding for a more inclusive society and workplace. Consumers are asking for sustainable solutions, yet do now want to renounce comfort. What does it mean for business to pursue a purpose broader than profit and growth? Is it a risk or something you cannot afford not to do? Learn about Scaled Agile, Self Managed Organizations and how purpose holds it all together.

Session 2

Leveling up: Power to the People

We need to think of the workforce as a mix of humans and machines. What do people need to know to work with their new machine co-workers? What do machines need to learn from humans? Explore the next generation of human machine collaboration and how emotions, empathy, intuition and intrinsic motivation are the drivers of work redesigned.

Session 3

Scaling: Global impact

Small is beautiful. But a reforestation project that works in a closed community, on a small scale does not necessarily scale to a global level. But what if art and radical self-reliance, what if rainforest regeneration or autonomous currencies could scale up to global and give us a new perspective of what is possible?

Session 4

Digital decisions: Right and left brain

Digital brings decisions to the table that can have life changing, even species changing consequences – once we connect our brains to the cloud there is no way back. Who is taking these decisions? Are we deciding out of fear, courage, from our heart, from our rational mind? Are we considering all the consequences and are the goals we are driving toward the right ones? Dive into the area of digital dilemmas and how to approach them.

Track Speakers

Worldwebforum speaker Steve Elliott

Steve Elliott

Head of Jira Align, Atlassian, Austin, USA

Stefan Klauser

Department of Humanities, Social & Political Sciences, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Gerhard Andrey

Co-Founder, Liip, Fribourg, Switzerland

Sophie Proust

CTO, Atos, Paris, France

Barbara Josef

Co-Founder, 5to9, Brütten, Switzerland

Sunnie J. Groeneveld

Managing Partner Inspire 925, Zurich, Switzerland

James Wolfensberger

Executive Producer, Burning Man, Zurich, Switzerland

Willie Smits

Founder, Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland

Track Host

Track Chair

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