Fresh leadership and thinking needed.

New visions, new leadership and a design approach to work is needed. Every organization is searching for their purpose, individuals want to work for companies with a purpose. Or is this all hype? Does it differ where on the globe we look at this? Why now? What can we learn from what has been done?

Experience the future of work

The Future of Work track brings together the leading minds behind leadership, teams, learning and agile collaboration.

AI has the power to take teamwork to the next level, but it cannot be a crutch for dysfunctional teams. If we don’t fix our leadership, skills gaps and team collaboration issues now, imagine what will happen when we add in AI?

With 900 million knowledge workers globally, our ability to master teamwork will determine whether we’re able to make intelligent automation work for, rather than against us.

Track Host

Patrick Bajard

CEO, Atos

Once upon a time, work used to be clear cut. The organisation you worked for in 1980 could exist for another 70 years. Now, organisations exist no longer than 10. Technology creates new opportunities and strong reforms.

Digital transformation is ripping up the rule book in every business, with new ways of working being defined. But are those responsible for managing this cultural change prepared?


Session 1

New industries and business models emerge and old ones are disputed

Session 2

New technologies influence how people communicate and collaborate in the future

Session 3

New job profiles arise: is your job amongst the endangered?

Session 4

New models for workspaces, culture and leadership skills are needed

Track Speakers

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