How to spot a human-centric leader

There are several types of management styles. One type of leadership that has become more popular in the last few decades are leaders who put a premium on his people first.

Accenture as a company, for example, believes that “Today’s businesses can’t be guided by yesterday’s strategies. Today’s challenges are different. They are human challenges. They require human-centered responses and business strategies grounded not just in past precedent and data, but also in the confidence that comes from establishing human connections.”

By adopting a more human-centric approach, companies can remain agile in an unpredictable modern world.

But how do you spot this kind of leader? Watch out for these noteworthy traits:


Lack of trust is a major stumbling block in any company’s output and growth. A human-centric leader makes the effort to get to know his employees and works on gaining their trust. By having a relationship between leaders and employees built on trust, great empathy is experienced in the organization resulting in better performance.

Good Communicator

Communication is also needed to gain your team’s trust. An effective manager has an open line of communication with his team. Not only does he engage with them, he listens to their concerns as well. An environment where communication is upheld encourages discussion. In effect, employees will feel they have a voice and heard.

Has Vision

Having a clear vision is one of the traits that human-centric leaders have. This drive and passion are translated to actionable plans in order to achieve that vision. Priorities are set based on the vision giving managers and employees and focus. Data-driven leaders on the other hand have trouble prioritizing.


Leaders may have a precise goal but if there is a shift in markets, they are flexible to adjust. These leaders pivot their strategies and plans to adapt to change without compromising their vision.

Strong Core Values

In the heart of an organization are its core values. Even if the job is your dream job but if you do not align with the company’s core values – it won’t work out. It is important to human-centric leaders to have people that share their “why”. With their shared values, these leaders want to see their employees grow and be better. They don’t mind investing in their time to mentor and even develop employee skills through seminars and training.


A human-centric leader will always put his people first over profit. Employees tend to thrive in this environment because of the trust and confidence their leader have in them.

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