The Voice of the People. With the world being more interconnected and complex than ever before, it has become crucial to develop and refine skills which allow us to understand and act on rapid changes in our environment and behavior in an agile way.

Experience the future of human centered design

Track Chair and Host

Jeremy Abbett

Jeremy Tai Abbett, Creative Evangelist, Hamburg, Germany

Look around you…everything you see, touch and experience has been designed. That doesn’t mean it was designed with you in mind, and quite possibly, with a specific user in mind but it was brought into existence through a process that made it a reality. As the commodification of things shifts to the desire of experiences the concept of “human-centred” has dramatically become more pervasive. Combine this with the exponential power of machine learning and the rapidly warming of our earth’s atmosphere and we come to a future that has to move beyond human-centred to humanity-centred.

Being humanity-centred is about working backwards to the technology. It’s about a process that starts with first principles and asking questions that have the potential to reframe the problem. It’s about taking into account not just the user and the solution but the whole process that’s involved in making an idea come true. In the end, being humanity-centered is the future of human-centred; a concept that we can design for a future that is everlasting.

Worldwebforum speaker Stuart Domingos

Stuart Domingos

Head of Group Innovation, Zurich Insurance Company, Zurich, Switzerland

Expect a fun, intense, and transformative track. Together, and let me stress the word “together” we will explore:

How design can be the future for different industries to engage their Customers.

How design can be the key engager to attract and retain Colleagues.

How design can help industries liaise with their broader Communities.

It is all about what we aim our stakeholders to experience…


Session 1


Business leaders have the duty in supporting communities to become more resilient and sustainable encouraging a healthy lifestyle, especially for middle class, the fuel of the global economy. However, the impact of climate change calls for action as natural catastrophes reached all-time highest losses in the last two years.

Join our live experience to reflect on how doing the right thing for business and society can create value.

Session 2


Creating a memorable customer experience is the key to remain competitive. Receiving feedback or tracking customer metrics is not enough to understand customer’s needs. Corporations across all industries are in a race to redesign products and services with a 360 lens focusing on customer in order to avoid becoming commodities.

Join our live experience to explore how deep understanding and empathy should be the foundation of innovation while technology will be the tool to make it happen.

Session 3


A great Colleague experience: What’s done inside, gets amplified outside. Happy employees make happy customers. These are two very often heard sentences, that heighten the importance of a great work environment which puts people ahead of rules and processes.

Join our live experience to observe how employee empowerment means being able to use people’s natural ability to create a lasting memory for customers or resolve a customer issue.

Session 4


Moving from the concept to execution is a challenge we always face. How can we change our mindset towards a human centered design? What will we bring back to our daily routine as well as our work environment after this session?

Join our workshop to debate what our role as humans of the future will be, since there is no plan(et) B.

Track Speakers

Worldwebforum speaker Peter Riering Czekalla

Peter Riering-Czekalla

VP Product and Design, Molekule, San Francisco, USA

Billie Whitehouse

CEO, Wearable X, New York, USA

Stephen Herold

Customer Experience & Design Leader, IBM iX, Zurich, Switzerland

Track chair

Track host