New design Worldwebforum website

We look and feel brand new

Punk never dies

When Worldwebforum began, black was en vogue. The alternative punk attitude resonated with our drive to break-away from what’s stereotypical. We splashed our website and merchandise with jet-black. We also added gold elements as highlight. Years have passed and we’ve seen many adopt the same look. Flattered as we were, we cannot help but feel that as the world changed, we evolved as well.

For this brand refresh, we thought of revisiting our core, but with more authenticity and candor. A splash of noir did not make us punk but rather our mentality to go against the tide, create our own trend, and embrace the radical. This time, we welcome the light and we have never felt more alternative punk.

Our Creative Director Lukas Rüfenacht explains it further,

“Punk is brutally frank and transparent and so is our new look. It embodies the core of who we are and takes us back to our small club roots. The approach is radical yet the redesign is brave in its simplicity and straightforwardness.”

Our new look feels energized and it has reinforced our infectious vibrant culture.

Design rationale

The team that deployed the brand refresh was guided and advised by the industry’s best, Google Director of Design Claude Zellweger.

Claude explains the look,

“The beginning of a new decade harbors new challenges and a greater desire for focus, clarity, and purpose. Our new identity reflects this by bringing together a clean and bright aesthetic, strong typography, and a graphic edge that has been part of our DNA since day one.”

It is indeed a forward-thinking design that, like Worldwebforum, pushes for progressive experimentation and innovation.

Beyond aesthetics

It is, however, not just a face lift.

We have spent time fixing our ticketing system, changing it to a more familiar and hassle-free e-shop format, for a more enjoyable online experience.

Our new website is easier to use, faster to load, and yet packed with more vital information about speakers, tracks, tours, and our Trnsfrmr Club.

Along with the change, we have also become more active on social media, opening our platforms for your company news, too. Reach out to us via @Worldwebforum on all channels.

Produced by beecom

Worldwebforum is proudly produced by beecom, Atlassian Platinum Partner of 17 years. We have retained beecom’s signature color but saturated it to an acid yellow that cannot be ignored, especially now that it is about to celebrate two decades of continuous growth and quality service.

New design Worldwebforum billboards
New design Worldwebforum booklet
New design Worldwebforum billboards