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Worldwebforum and the media students of Fachhochschule Graubünden bring you the voices of this year’s featured leaders.

Personality of Leaders

Janina Kugel, Member of the Executive Board, Siemens, Munich, Germany

Janina Kugel from Siemens believes that it is important to be aware that although more disruptions can occur in a diverse team, the outcomes are better as a result. That's not to say that different opinions always create chaos. On the contrary, they bring different perspectives into play. In this interview, she tells us more about diversity and leadership.

Bjørn Johansson, Chairman & CEO, Dr. Bjørn Johansson Associates, Zurich, Switzerland

It must be a great thing to make people happy with your job, even greater it is if you can make them happy and rich. Something that Bjørn Johannssen tries to achieve, by pairing up leaders and companies at Bjørn Johansson Associates.

Pal Erik Sjatil, Managing Partner Europe, McKinsey, Paris, France

How is leadership different over the world? Pal Erik Sjatil from McKinsey & Company talks about building leaders in different countries and how to cope with failure as a person of authority.

LD Sergi, CEO, PAX Labs, San Francisco, USA

Being a leader of a company has its ups and downs even in good times, but how do you successfully get a company out of an imminent bancruptcy? LD Sergi, CEO of PAX Labs, told us about the difficulties in the legal cannabis business and how to overcome them.

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Structures of companies

Heiko Hutmacher, Member of Management Board, Metro AG, Dusseldorf, Germany

Different countries, different cultures. However, Heiko Hutmacher, Former Chief Human Resources Officer & Labor Director and Member of the Management Board of Metro AG, recognizes an important common ground: the people themselves and their need to feel involved and be engaged. In this interview, he tells us about the changes he has observed in the organizational culture.

Barbara Josef, Co-Founder, 5to9, Brütten, Switzerland

Ideas don’t come on demand. We don’t find them when we sit at our desks at our 9 to 5 jobs. So why not turn the known business structure upside down? That’s exactly what Barbara Josef thought when she founded 5 to 9 a venture which believes in innovation outside the office times and online co-working spaces…

Raj Kapoor, Chief Strategy Officer, Head of Business, Self-Driving, Lyft San Francisco, USA

How do you keep track over employees in a ride-hailing app? And what does the future of public transport look like? Find out in our Interview with Raj Kapoor, the Chief Strategy Officer of the ride-hailing app Lyft.

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Leadership role of companies in society

Ioannis Tarnanas, Chief Science Officer, Altoida, Zurich, Switzerland

“Knowledge is power,” says Ioannis Tarnanas. He created an app that can spot the first neurological effects of Alzheimer’s disease with 94% accuracy up to six years before symptoms appear. With this knowledge and the prediction, he helps society to fight against this illness. Learn more about his idea and the app in the interview.

Charity Wanjiku, Co-Founder & COO, Strauss Energy Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya

Hello and welcome to the #Worldwebforum2020. We started our session this year up in the snowy Swiss mountains of Laax where Charity Wankjiku talked to us about solar tiles in Kenya and the impact a company’s product can have in society.

Helena Samsioe, CEO & Founder, Globhe Drones, Stockholm, Sweden

She’s called the “Drone Queen”. Helena Samsioe and her company use drones to prevent and respond to disease outbreaks and natural disasters. Find out more about her work in the interview.

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Worldwebforum 2020

Doors are closing. The Worldwebforum 2020 has ended. Thank you to all our sponsors and participants. Enjoy the highlights of this year’s event. See you next year.

Jens Greve, CEO & Founder, YUVEDO, Berlin, Germany

In order to cope with the diagnosis of Parkinson's, Jens Greve had the disease explained to him from scratch. An important point to alleviate the symptoms is training. He trains two to three hours a day. These exercises are an important part of his app YUVEDO. The progression of the disease should be slowed down and on the basis of data analysis, the individual therapy should be improved. In the interview he explains more about Parkinson’s, his everyday life, and his vision.

Basiana Bandilli, Head for Design and Marketing, Swiss Startup Tech AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Learn, share the experience and collaborate. For Besiana Bandilli from the Swiss Startup Tech AG these are the three keywords to have a social impact on society. She visited the Worldwebforum to become a better leader and to learn from others.

Michael Schranz, Head of Business Development, Apps with love AG, Bern, Switzerland

He is the father of four boys and the Head of Business Development from the “Apps with love AG” in Bern, Switzerland. While he has a lot of things on his plate, he seems to be totally relaxed. “You just have to realise, that you make the stress to yourself. It is not somebody else. Just think it’s easy and it will be easy.” Learn more about his technique from this Interview.

Stuart Domingos, Head of Group Innovation, Zurich Insurance Company, Zürich, Switzerland

Digitize the analog world? Yes. But for that to be possible, both worlds must be simplified first. Domingos Stuart thinks this is the biggest challenge in terms of digitisation. In order to survive such and other challenges, he drinks 14 espressos a day.

Roxy Rahel Guellmeister, Architect & Design Analyst, Foster & Partners and Zoe Moore, PA, Swarowski

A commonality among leaders that Zoe Moore from Swarovski can recognise, is a strong vision. In addition, Roxy Rahel Guellmeister identifies passion of the speakers as the red thread that runs through the #Worldwebforum. Learn more about Roxy and Zoe’s perspectives in this interview.

Adrian Borer, CEO, Passion Entertainment AG, Basel, Switzerland

What would you do if you had one more hour each day? “Sleep” is what most leaders at the #Worldwebforum would do. Adrian Borer, gives a different answer. He would go fishing. “It’s a good balance and you can spend time for yourself in nature and relax” he said. Something he really needs, because he works about 60 hours a week.

Lucas Angermann, President, START Global, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Flexibility or free coffee? We talked with the President of START Global, Lucas Angermann, about what the ideal corporate structure would look like and how digitalization is affecting how our business work.

Melissa Stutz, Global Project Manager INNOVATOR, Red Bull Media House

You have to be aware of the meaning behind a change. Everyone must be convinced of this vision. Sometimes you have to do it radically, sometimes not. But Melissa Stutz from Red Bull Media House is certain: The most important thing is to always take the first step.

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