Leadership rockstars meet Business Rockstars

For years, Worldwebforum has given mavericks, rebels, nerds- all leadership rockstars in their fields- the stage to inspire and incite action amongst fellow-leaders.

It is no accident then that a partnership with another rock ‘n’ roll brand has now been forged to bring more value to members. 

We are excited to announce that a new Business Rockstars stream will be made available exclusively on Worldwebforum – accessible on both desktop and mobile. 

As a Worldwebforum member, you will not only be able to get daily updated Worldwebforum-produced content, but also have access to Business Rockstars episodes.

Here’s a preview of an episode of Off-Air, a Business Rockstars format, showcasing legendary singer and entrepreneur Jamie Foxx:

Expect more in-depth business and leadership insights from the chosen show episodes that will be uploaded bi-monthly on the platform. 

Leadership rockstars from all over the world are sharing their secrets about the building blocks of success in an exclusive online community you may now join.

Learn from the world’s leading innovators, pioneers, nerds, mavericks, and redefine the leader in you.

Get monthly or one year direct access to entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers. In this community, you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about issues that will help you accelerate your business and career.