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Episode 19

Dom Price on Adaptability and the irony of ‘agile transformation’

Did you know that “Agile” has been around for more than 20 years?  In this episode we interview Dom Price, Atlassian’s Global Head of R&D and Work Futurist, who shares with us the true philosophy of Agile and which core skills he sees to be imperative for the future of work.


This episode was produced by our partners at Diplomatic Courier and hosted by Becky Graham.

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Episode 18

Marco Tempest on The magical illusion of technology

In this episode we meet Marco Tempest, Creative Technologist at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and Accenture Luminary, who combines cutting-edge technology with the flair and showmanship of Houdini.

Marco experiments with the latest mixed reality, sensing and robotic equipment to produce outcomes that seem to defy reality.

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Episode 17

Ana Rold on The mindset of lifelong learning

Ana Rold is the Founder and Publisher of Diplomatic Courier, a Washington, DC based media network and magazine for top global diplomats.

In this episode, she discusses the shift towards lifelong learning as the key mindset for the rising generations of leaders.

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Episode 16

Adrian Brunner on How to become a top-ranked employer

In this episode we interview Adrian Brunner, who leads the Human Resources team that makes Cisco the best employer in Switzerland.

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Episode 15

Daniel Niklaus on Implementing AI in business projects

Daniel Niklaus, owner of Netlive IT AG, was one of the Swiss pioneers of the Internet and is actively involved in digital change.

In this episode, he discusses how business projects will put Artificial Intelligence to use, no matter how large or small.

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Episode 14

Zeeshan Feroz on Misconceptions about crytocurrency

Zeeshan Feroz is the CEO UK at Coinbase, the world’s leading cyrptocurrency platform.

In this episode, he addresses some of the misconceptions around cryptocurrency and what measures Coinbase take to achieving their goal, of making cyptocurrency ownership mainstream.

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Episode 13

Giovanni Giuliani on Innovative insurance

Giovanni Giuliani is Group Chief of Strategy, Innovation & Business Development at Zurich Insurance, the new Black Diamond partner of WORLDWEBFORUM.

In this episode, he shares his insight about innovations that are taking place in the insurance industry, and how innovation helps them deeply understand what adds value to almost 80 million customers globally.

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Episode 12

Ibrahim Bashir on Creating enduring innovation

Ibrahim Bashir is the former director of engineering at Twitter and is now a general manager at Box. He leads product teams that achieve high tech releases that make a difference to millions.

In this episode he shares his thoughts about how to create enduring innovation.

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Episode 11

Reto Gurtner on the Reinvention of the Swiss Alps

Reto Gurtner is the visionary CEO of Weisse Arena Gruppe, the company that manages Laax, Flims and Falera, one of Switzerland’s largest alpine leisure areas.

We interviewed him during the WORLDWEBFORUM Pre-unconference in Laax, the annual event for the international speakers and selected guests in the lead up to the 2-day annual meeting in Zurich.

Hear about how the spirit of Laax is a unique blend of community, innovation and adventure.

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Episode 10

Bill Liao on why kids should learn coding

Bill Liao is a successful VC and philanthropist. He co-founded Coder Dojo: a not-for-profit organisation that teaches children how to code.

In this episode, he explains why coding is the language skill that children should become fluent in, to prepare for the future.

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Episode 9

Rik Willard on Blockchain and the Future of Work

Rik Willard is the CEO of Global Blockchain Technologies, and founder of Agentic Group, a federation of over 50 global blockchain companies.

In this episode, we chat to him about how blockchain and the new gig economy goes hand in hand.

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Episode 8

Jeremy Abbett on Creativity

Jeremy Abbett is a catalyst for human-centric design, following a four year run as the Google Creative Evangelist.

In this episode, we catch up with him to understand how your attitude to risk can have an impact on your creativity.

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Episode 7

Ulrike Schaede on Diverse Leadership

Ulrike Schaede is Professor of Japanese Business at University of California, San Diego. She directs a full immersion program for female managers from Japan to enhance their global management skills.

We chat to her about what can women and managers can do to encourage a more diverse leadership board.

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Episode 6

Silicon Valley VCs on getting support for your startup

Y-Combinator is a first stop for many of the bright dreams and big ideas that come out of Silicon Valley. It’s where they are infected with “Silicon Valley Magic” and guided through the early stages of their startup.

If the ideas take off, startups can find themselves at Rocket Space, a community for seed stage entrepreneurs to further incubate and focus on growth.

Founders Fund is an important early stage investment fund that pours much needed cash into ideas that promise to solve big, difficult problems. Success stories such as Uber and Paypal have emerged from this ecosystem.

In this episode, we chat to the 3 top executives from these Silicon Valley hotspots to learn more about how the ecosystem works.

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Episode 5

Council of State Ruedi Noser on the impact of WORLDWEBFORUM

Ruedi Noser is a Swiss businessman and Council of State for Zurich, Switzerland’s most prosperous canton.

In this episode, he explains why he supports WORLDWEBFORUM, as well as why Zurich is such a welcoming place for people from around the world, to work innovate and thrive.

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Episode 4

Carissa Carter on Navigating Ambiguity

Carissa Carter heads the teaching and learning faculty at Stanford’s, the world leading hub for interdisciplinary, innovative design thinking. In this episode, she presents the crucial capabilities you need to navigate ambiguous business landscapes.

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Episode 3

Mark C. Thompson on Getting Fit for Change

Top leadership coach Mark C. Thompson raises the question: Why Change? And for many, it’s a matter of survival. Through coaching the likes of Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson, he provides insight into how to best use Change to your advantage.

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Episode 2

Marian Goodell on Principled Business

Burning Man CEO Marian Goodell is Queen of the Playa and governs a movement that has inspired business leaders and artists to change the status quo.

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Episode 1

Jeff Eggers on Leadership

Jeff Eggers is ex-member of US Navy Seal Teams and former special advisor to Barack Obama. In this talk, he shares enlightening examples of how leadership styles have evolved, and which should be encouraged.

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Pilot Episode

Steve Wozniak on Innovation

Steve Wozniak is the engineering mastermind behind Apple, the company he cofounded with the visionary Steve Jobs. We interview him about the early days of Apple, innovation, engineering and his advice for budding entrepreneurs.

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