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Episode 6

Silicon Valley VCs on getting support for your startup

Have you ever thought about being an entrepreneur but felt daunted by how to get started or how to find enough funding? In the episode, we chat to Kirsty Nathoo from Y-Combinator, Duncan Logan from RocketSpace, and Bruce Gibney from Founders Fund about the startup and venture capital ecosystem in Silicon Valley.

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Episode 5

Council of State Ruedi Noser on the impact of WORLDWEBFORUM

Ruedi Noser is a Swiss businessman and Council of State for Zurich, Switzerland’s most prosperous canton.

In this episode, he explains why he supports WORLDWEBFORUM, as well as why Zurich is such a welcoming place for people from around the world, to work innovate and thrive.

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Episode 4

Carissa Carter on Navigating Ambiguity

Carissa Carter heads the teaching and learning faculty at Stanford’s, the world leading hub for interdisciplinary, innovative design thinking. In this episode, she presents the crucial capabilities you need to navigate ambiguous business landscapes.

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Episode 3

Mark C. Thompson on Getting Fit for Change

Top leadership coach Mark C. Thompson raises the question: Why Change? And for many, it’s a matter of survival. Through coaching the likes of Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson, he provides insight into how to best use Change to your advantage.

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Episode 2

Marian Goodell on Principled Business

Burning Man CEO Marian Goodell is Queen of the Playa and governs a movement that has inspired business leaders and artists to change the status quo.

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Episode 1

Jeff Eggers on Leadership

Jeff Eggers is ex-member of US Navy Seal Teams and former special advisor to Barack Obama. In this talk, he shares enlightening examples of how leadership styles have evolved, and which should be encouraged.

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Pilot Episode

Steve Wozniak on Innovation

Steve Wozniak is the engineering mastermind behind Apple, the company he cofounded with the visionary Steve Jobs. We interview him about the early days of Apple, innovation, engineering and his advice for budding entrepreneurs.

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