Leaders: Found!

When we talk about leaders, we imagine an active force pulling the collective towards uncharted territory. Leaders, regardless of style and approach, spark hope– a promise of a better future, even in the face of our finiteness.

They bring forth change. They inspire us to reach new heights. They help us solve problems. Sometimes, they even incite us to break the rules and create new terms of engagement.

On January 16-17, 2020 at Stage One, Zurich, we are going to meet them all– visionaries, futurists, innovators, mavericks, troublemakers, and rebels. We have found the people who recognise the need for change, and have the conviction and courage to drive it forward. They are our “Wanted Leaders”.

The schedule will be presented in 4 key themes intrinsic to our key topic Wanted:Leader.

Radical must be the new normal

In the first session, we present those who are radically changing the status quo. 

With a mix of panel interviews and keynotes, we will hear from Fabian Hediger, CEO of Worldwebforum and beecom, who challenges European companies to innovate faster.

Further thought-provoking discussions from McKinsey’s European lead, Pal Erik Sjatil.

Investigative journalist, Jan Fleischhauer, accustomed to stirring the political conversation in Germany, will interview Ann Cairns EVP of Mastercard and  Bjørn Johansson, one of Europe’s leading headhunters about the leaders required for the new paradigm.

Werner Vogels

Chief Technology Officer, Amazon, Seattle, USA

Ann Cairns

Executive Vice Chairman, Mastercard, London, UK

Jan Fleischhauer

Journalist, Focus, Berlin, Germany

I have a dream

In the second session, we will welcome the leaders with a clear vision of the future.

We shall hear from the resolute doctor, Pamela Munster, who’s curing cancer through early gene detection. Jordan Noone from Relativity will follow with a keynote about how his 3D-printed rockets will take us to the new frontier, supporting the promising possibility of living on Planet B: Mars.

As resources on Earth become more finite, New Age Meats Brian Spears’s keynote will introduce us to the food of the future: cell-cultured, poised to eradicate animal slaughter for sustenance.

To make a case for a more accessible and unifying financial currency, the stage will be ready for Daniel Disparte from the newly-established Libra Association.

The sit-down interview of session 2 will be nothing short of interesting as the critical Jan Fleischhauer gets upfront and candid with Sepp Blatter, rising from the ashes of the controversy surrounding FIFA, the institution he helped build.

To close, we will also have the genius Dr. Werner Vogels‘ who’s CTO responsibility helps Amazon Web Services deploy innovation every 11 seconds.

The Late Show and Dinner & Party

With the end of the keynotes on January 16, we will shift gears to celebrate 20 years of beecom, producer of Worldwebforum, which will take on a candid “Late Night TV” format.

The fireside chat moderated by Swiss personalities Tama Vakeesan will feature special guests, Ingenuity CEO & Founder Amy Wilkinson, Atlassian VP Jose Morales, PAX Labs’ CEO Lisa Sergi Trager and beecom’s trio of founders.

The highlight of the evening, is an exclusive interview of top journalist Dominic Dillier with Metallica co-Founder and drummer Lars Ulrich.

All guests, speakers and partners should stay and mingle over dinner, with contemporary cuisines to suit every tastebud, and fine wines to match from premium Sommelier, Bindella Wines, accompanied by live musical acts.

Worldwebforum speaker Lars Ulrich

Lars Ulrich

Co-Founder & Drummer, Metallica, San Francisco, USA

LD Sergi

CEO, Pax, San Francisco, USA
Worldwebforum moderator Tama Vakeesan

Tama Vakeesan

Reporter, Nau, Zurich, Switzerland

Create Value

Day 2 of the conference will feature the leaders who are safeguarding the quality of life of the next generation.

Find out how effective Roger Hallam’s Extinction Rebellion’s tactics are as they coerce governments to take action on climate and social issues through civil defiance.

Hear from the transportation trailblazers, Raj Kapoor who eases traffic with Lyft and its self-driving cars and Bodil Eriksson of Volvo who enables sustainable mobility through car-sharing.

The session will wrap up with a Fireside chat led by the woman behind almost a decade’s worth of Cisco’s growth strategies, Blair Christie. She will be flanked by top-notch student-leader mentors Professor Charles O’Riley of Stanford GSB and Mike Hemphill of the Clinton Foundation.

Brittany Kaiser

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower & subject of Netflix Documentary “The Great Hack”, New York, USA

Charles A. O'Reilly

Frank E. Buck Professor of Management Stanford University, Stanford, USA

Andy Schuon

Co-Founder & CEO, SPKR., Los Angeles, USA

F@%# Efficiency

Our last session will highlight the figureheads who are breaking barriers and setting-up new rules of engagement.

A special keynote will be delivered by IBM’s master innovator and MBE awardee Rashik Parmar to be followed by Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner Adrian Lobsiger.
TechCrunch Editor-at-Large Mike Butcher will zero in on the dangers of data manipulation in an explosive interview with Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Brittany Kaiser.

And to share his perspective on information decentralisation, Wikipedia co-Founder Larry Sanger.

Two panel discussions will follow.

High-stakes coach Andreas Bernhardt will moderate the discussion with Atlassian’s JiraAlign Founder Steve Elliott redefining enterprise engineering, Swarovski’s Michele Molon revolutionising luxury e-commerce, and SPKR’s Andy Schuon, shaking up entertainment the way he once did with cultural phenomenon MTV.

Optiv’s Blair Christie will facilitate the subsequent discussion with Siemen’s Janina Kugel, mixing up monocultures and driving competitiveness and diversity, Metro AG’s Heiko Hutmacher, known for unleashing untapped potential in people, and Zurich Group’s Giovanni Giuliani, spearheading innovation in the insurance industry.

We have quite the lineup of fearless and forward-thinking leaders.

It will definitely be a conference to remember!

See you there.