Smart Cities pertain to intelligent infrastructure that supports residents in all their needs. On the other hand, smart processes enable very efficient operation and make an important contribution to sustainability.

The networking of intelligent buildings with efficient mobility and a lean state apparatus bring real added value. Are you at the forefront with us?

Experience the future of Smart city

Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Homes and so on. The list of buzzwords couldn’t be longer nowadays. Don’t get us wrong: We do believe that we will soon have buildings that adjust according to the needs of the people living and working in them.

We will experience increased quality of life and we will likewise reduce the emissions as we will only use resources based on needs.

Track Host and Chair

Roger Krieg

CEO & Owner, Office LAB AG, Zurich, Switzerland

As one of the most developed countries, Switzerland has a very high density of infrastructure and transport solutions. How will neighborhoods and cities develop in the future to meet the needs of residents? How can decentralised energy distribution and uses be coordinated?

In addition, the user would like to be kept informed about opportunities within a city both personally and locally. Smart Cities make completely new approaches possible and attract further layers of the population. We show the strategic dimension up to the implementation on site.

Thomas Sevcik

Co-Founder, arthesia, Zurich ,Los Angeles & Hong Kong

Thomas Sevcik is the co-founder of internationally acclaimed frontier strategist arthesia based in Zurich ,Los Angeles and Hong Kong. He holds an Architecture degree from Technische Universität Berlin. Thomas is the mastermind behind innovative large and unique real estate projects ranging from urban narratives (city positioning/strategies) to AirportCities, urban districts and special zones worldwide and has worked strategically with many cities in Asia to Europe and the North America as well as with some of the largest developers worldwide. Thomas lectures at Central Saint Martins College of Arts in London and at Hong Kong University, is a frequent commentator and panelist and sits on several advisory boards.

Session 1

Urbanization 2.0

Urbanization has arrived at a crucial waypoint. The growth of cities and the rejuvenation of urban cores has been understood and done. Now come new drivers of urbanization: digital urbanity; a new focus on the outer areas of cities as well as the rise of private districts, curated urban projects, special zones. Also: what comes after retail, conventional offices and standard residential? New content and new mix of functions at surprising locations is the future of our cities.

Session 2

Connected Cities and People

Session 3

Decentralized Energy

Session 4

Smart City Facility Services

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