Sunnie J. Groeneveld

Managing Partner, Inspire 925, zurich, switzerland
She's a superwoman flying the flag for digitization


About inspire 925

Inspire 925 provides project management and consulting services focused on helping organizations increase the level of employee engagement, collaboration and innovation. We also sell and implement a set of digital solutions and regularly give talks and workshops.

More female power in the Swiss start-up scene

There would be many female founders in Switzerland, but for Sunnie Groeneveld these are often not visible enough. She sums it up: “I would definitely like more women entrepreneurs to be visibly involved in Switzerland. Most start-up events and presentations are attended by men. The women deserve to present their ideas and start-ups just as much”. She herself frequently makes public appearances: “You naturally expose yourself when you stand in front and talk about your vision.

Nevertheless, I would also recommend it to other women who are active in start-ups. Groeneveld finds the versatility of the start-ups involved in the TV show “Kampf der Ideen” very exciting. She explains her motivation to take part in this competition as follows: “Many start-ups founded in Switzerland are technically at least as good as those from Silicon Valley. At the same time, the start-up scene in Switzerland has much less visibility. That’s why I think it’s outstanding how AXA is getting involved with this campaign and thus offering a platform for Swiss start-ups”.



Sunnie J. Groeneveld is Managing Partner of Inspire 925, a consulting company focused on employee engagement, innovation and digital transformation. She is also a board member of the software firm emineo, the engineering company Hefti.Hess.Martignoni and the media group galledia.

Previously she worked as the first Managing Director of digitalswitzerland, Switzerland’s largest cross-industry initiative on digital transformation.

Moreover, she’s a Partner at the Future Work Forum think tank and the author of the the book “Inspired at Work.” She has also been named as one of the TOP 100 Women in Business in 2018, appeared in the list “Top 50 Who is Who in Digital Switzerland” by the business newspaper Handelszeitung as well as in the “30 under 30” list of Forbes magazine.

Sunnie graduated in Economics from Yale University.