Arthur Gervais

CEO & Co-Founder Liquidity Network, zurich, switzerland
He uncovers the latest on Blockchain security, privacy and scalability


About Liquidity Network

LiquidChain builds the Liquidity.Network, a practical global blockchain micropayment system, built on top of Ethereum, supporting millions of users securely, reducing transaction costs significantly and enabling the mainstream adoption of blockchain.

As a global settlement system, the Liquidity.Network offers an API to developers to build their applications on top of and allowing payment processors to benefit from the secure and fast transmission of digital cash. The Liquidity.Network has no access to the assets of the participants/users, those funds are secured by the underlying blockchain.

The secret sauce of the Liquidity.Network are novel hubs, which are significantly more powerful and simpler than traditional P2P payment channel networks such as Lightning and Raiden. Liquidity is the technology necessary to build fast, decentralized exchanges.



Arthur is motivated by revolutionizing how society trades and interacts. Bitcoin and the security properties of its blockchain provide technical means to catalyze societal evolution. His research therefore focuses on the security, privacy and performance of blockchain technology. Because this technology is still in its infancy, he largely focus on understanding and quantifying the tension points and tradeoffs in terms of security, privacy and performance, with the goal to build a mainstream, scalable, open, and decentralized blockchain protocol.

Part of his research is e.g., the design of usable software that securely interacts with networks and hardware, connecting the real world with blockchain, and the design of practical and scalable blockchain platform. His research is inherently multidisciplinary and he frequently collaborate with colleagues worldwide in various fields (e.g., machine learning).