Chris Purifoy

Co-Founder and Chief Architect, Learning Economy, Washington D.C., USA
His blockchain-based learning initiative pays people to learn


About Learning Economy

Imagine a world that pays refugees to equip themselves with new languages, pays workers to retrain themselves through the tide of automation, and pays the next generation to prepare for the unsolved problems of tomorrow.

Inherent Value Markets

A currency backed by an inherent value, like gold, can support a stable and long lasting financial market. Is education more valuable than gold? Find out how Proof of Learn can measure the impact of education, and why this changes everything.



Chris Purifoy is the Cofounder and Chief Architect of the Learning Economy. A serial entrepreneur, he is also an author, technology architect, and futurist.

He speaks in global forums about blockchain, the slippery slope of progress and the importance of art with purpose.