Christof Stulz

Head of Marketing, wander ag, basel, switzerland
Understands the customers of one of Europe's most loved FMCG products



WANDER AG is one of Europe’s leading food manufacturers. Its range includes tea and breakfast drinks, breakfast cereals, spreads, chocolate, biscuits, snack bars and desserts, and speciality foods for athletes and weight management. We’ve been synonymous with trusted brands and high-quality products for more than 150 years. Our products are developed, produced and marketed in Neuenegg near Bern. We regularly invest in our infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies to safeguard our future as one of the leading companies in the European food industry.



Working for WANDER AG since 15 years in various Marketing and Export positions. Since 5 years responsible for the company’s leading brand Ovomaltine on the main market Switzerland. Christof with his team was responsible for the latest developments of new products like Ovo Rocks or the crunchy cream roll – helping Ovomaltine to achieve the title of fastest growing brand in Swiss retail in 2017.

Additionally the brands communication was successfully switched from classic atl channels to new digital platforms like Instagram and YouTube keeping its well known claim: Thanks to Ovo, you can’t do it better, but longer.