He is one of the most prominent Swiss radio voices who influences culture and conversations through his show, music, and commentary

Dominic Dillier

Moderator, SRF, Zurich, Switzerland


Dominic Dillier is one of the most prominent Swiss radio voices. With his experience as a conversation leader and music lover, he sets the framework for inspiring conversations.

Dominic has been working on Swiss radio and television since 1996 as a moderator and editor of various programs.

As the host of the renowned talk show «Focus» on Radio SRF 3, he has been talking to people from all walks of life for many years.

For many years he has shaped the “Rock Special” program with his personality, his know-how and his love for rock music in all its forms.

As a journalist, the “why” is more important to him than the “how”, depth and background more important than short-lived trends and short media feed. His motto is going deep instead of wide.