Janet Rafner

Coordinator of International Education, Science at Home, AARHUS, DENMARK
She researches hybrid-intelligence systems for the future



ScienceAtHome is a diverse team of scientists, game developers, designers and visual artists based at Aarhus University, Denmark. We create fun scientific games that produce real research results through play. At CODER (Center for Community Driven Research) we aim at merging theoretical and experimental research with online community efforts aiming to allow internet users to find solutions to complex scientific challenges encountered in quantum physics. The mission of our ScienceatHome project is to incorporate a large number of physics simulation models in order to: Allow all Internet users to get the chance to contribute to varied scientific challenges; Let experimental researchers worldwide simulate their own experiments; Give access to theoreticians and experimental researchers to gain new perspectives and innovative ideas through the use of simulation tools.



Janet is an incoming doctoral researcher in hybrid intelligence. She was formerly a U.S. Fulbright Fellow, with degrees in physics and studio art. Her current research includes theoretical and phenomenological turbulence, Human Computer Interfaces, Research through Design, and Research-Enabling Game-Based Education.

She is also the international coordinator for the ScienceAtHome activities associated with the global educational initiative, Think Like a Scientist.