Mattias Hjelmstedt

FOUNDER & CEO, Utopia Music, zurich, switzerland
He's on a mission to shake up the music industry with blockchain


About Utopia

Utopia exists for the love of music. A deep rooted belief that success in innovating an entire industry can only be achieved by looking holistically at the music industry value chain. By leveraging blockchain technologies we are developing a new music ecosystem. We want to help everyone from PROs to Publishers, Artists to A&R by creating new revenue streams, consolidating data and decluttering the admin.

Founded in 2016 with the goal of creating a better world of music, we are an ever-growing team of 60+ people across Sweden, Switzerland & Spain – all focused on one common goal. To create a new industry standard for everyone. Welcome to Utopia, where music lives.



As a serial entrepreneur, Mattias has successfully founded and built a number of leading technology companies since the early 1990s. An unparalleled innovator, Mattias has a passion for media and technology which drove him to pioneer the transformation of the E-Sports and digital TV industries. Within E-Sports, Mattias spearheaded the creation of the first social platforms for games and assisted in the creation of the software still used today to power some of the world’s largest games such as Battlefield. Mattias was an early architect and visionary of video on demand (VOD) services for premium film and P2P distribution as the founder of Voddler Group AB. Moreover, at the helm of Magine TV AB, a global leading VOD company, Mattias successfully navigated media procurement, copyright and distribution turning online TV into a global reality.

It was Magine TV where Mattias and his team helped to redefine rights management on a global scale allowing for the first time true end to end broadcasting on any device, at any time. Mattias has a proven track record of building successful media companies that not only disrupt, innovate and drive efficiency within established industries but also create a user experience which propels growth and provides value for consumers. Mattias has delivered countless keynote speeches at leading technology events and has been featured in Bloomberg, CNN, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, and Wired.