He is an expert in IT, Intellectual Property, and Antitrust Law, advising FinTech and blockchain clients both on technological as well as regulatory issues

Andreas Glarner

Partner, MME, Zurich, Switzerland

Why you should listen

Andreas Glarner looks after international internet and blockchain companies. He is a distinguished Partner at MME, a consulting firm based in Switzerland specialising in legal, tax, and compliance.

Andreas gives expert advice about unfair competition, advertising law, data protection, licensing, distribution and IT law. He also has extensive experience in compliance issues for casinos, e-payments, fintech and export controls.

Educated in London and Zurich, he speaks French, German, and English.

Meet Andreas at Worldwebforum 2020 where he is Blockchain Track Speaker.

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Dr. Andreas Glarner works with international companies in the technology, industrial and internet sectors. He specializes in the fields of intellectual property, unfair competition, advertising law, licensing and distribution, as well as information technology and data protection. He acts both as legal counsel and litigator in these fields.

In addition, he has extensive expertise in fintech and blockchain technology applications, gaming services, e-payments and export control measures, both from a legal and a compliance point of view. Andreas Glarner has published various articles on topics related to his practice areas.