Andreas Haaken

CEO, APTIS, Düsseldorf, germany
He creates and combines systems to boost your team performance


about APTIS

APTIS means Agile Performance Tools and Information Systems and was founded in 2014 to combine digital learning and digital processes. We work with several large international companies (like Volkswagen, Testo, OBI..) and support their learning environments with tools and services. For our small business clients we create, combine and operate their agile systems to operate the company. We integrate the existing information landscapes into a controllable unit.

APTIS is Atlassian Plugin Top vendor and the creator of “Epic Sum Up”, a JIRA plugin to easy create and use Issues structures, used by millions of users. As Atlassian Solution Partner we help our customers to integrate their systems with the Atlassian tools and use them to digitize their own processes and culture. Beside this, we are creator of online eLearning platforms to manage learning and information spreading over our clients companies. With a completely new video based eLearning platform, we help to speed up the onboarding process of employees to the company or anything that needs to be communicated.

Actually we integrate a new Virtual Reality System into our information systems, that help sour customers to use the VR-Technology to share information and train the people by using immersion effects and storytelling, coming from VR. Key to success in using VR is the very low technology hurdle that allows almost everybody to use the system creating new VR-Experiences and VR-Journeys. All this is done by a small experts team located in Germany. As our projects grow we need to grow with them looking for experts in all of our areas.

about Technologies for #digitalOnBoarding

By using digital technologies we are able to speed up and repeat the learning experience with large benefits in cost and quality. By tracking the learning experience into Learning Management Systems, we may use this to support our employees to unleash their potentials and so get on the team much faster. This does not replace the human interaction, but it cleans up the conversation from boring teaching mechanics, centering the enjoyable things in human interaction.



Andreas is working with teams for over 20 years in several stations of his life. He has experienced team performance from many different perspectives and always used systems to allow teams to perform more effective. With APTIS he founded a small agile company that creates new systems and combines existing ones to support the performance of small businesses and teams.

Actually he is integrating eLearning Systems, Virtual Reality and digital process tools like Atlassian’s JIRA into information systems. With his partners, he creates new products and solutions to enable the businesses to be part of the future.