He has gathered leading minds in machine learning & blockchain to democratize AI solutions for all

Arif Khan

CEO and CO-founder, Alethea AI, Washington DC, USA

Why you should listen

Arif is the founder and CEO of the Alethea AI, and he will bring his unique foresight and perspicuity to the WWF as he talks about the future of AI and Media. Ranked as one of the best speakers at the WWF in 2019, he is on a mission to democratize AI tools and knowledge for the masses. His talk about being the “Man in the High Castle” will confront you into reimagining a world that is going to evolve in 2020 post the democratization of powerful blockchain and AI technologies. Arif is a featured writer for Artificial Intelligence on Medium.com and his work has attained global coverage in the NYTimes, WSJ, and Forbes. He is an early investor in a number of leading blockchain projects and was responsible for introducing the world to the first decentralized AI-based marketplace, SingularityNET.

What’s next

The immense potential of AI means that it can either increase the inequalities of our societies or liberate us from numerous sufferings.

How can open access networks incentivize talent, design democratic processes and build community-driven AI initiatives that provide viable alternatives to society?

Can we partner with the better angels of the oligopoly to incentivize positive social outcomes?

Can our friends and partners execute on privacy first designs that enable the sovereign individual? What risks and pitfalls lie before us as we build towards a democratic future?

From  Khan’s Disrupt the Disruptors, on Medium


Arif Khan is the CEO of the next billion dollar unicorn. Prior to his CEO and board positions, Arif was the CMO for the first decentralized AI marketplace called SingularityNET. He served as a Product Marketing to drivers for GrabTaxi (Grab), a humble start-up in Singapore, that eventually grew to acquire Uber’s business in South East Asia.

Other professional experience includes leading market expansion for LinkedIn in Asia. Originally trained to be a Civil Engineer, Arif acquired a love for marketing ideas when he discovered debating in University and has never looked back.

Arif is a top writer for Artificial Intelligence on Medium.com and his work has been covered by VentureBeat, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Arif grew up in Singapore and presently calls Washington DC home.