He has gathered leading minds in machine learning & blockchain to democratize AI solutions for all

Arif Khan

Chief Marketing Officer, SingularityNET

Why you should listen

As Chief Marketing Officer of SingularityNet, Arif Khan has helped successfully launch the world’s first decentralized Artificial Intelligence marketplace.

His mission is to let anyone monetize AI algorithms, allowing companies, organizations, and developers to buy and sell AI at scale.

SingularityNet’s research initiatives combine projects that can transform the blockchain space, such as reputations systems and offernets work, along with fundamental AI work.

Sophia, the world’s most expressive robot, is the most known case using multiple AI modules to see, hear, and respond empathetically, and which will be made available, open-source. on SingularityNET.

A top writer for Artificial Intelligence on Medium.com, Arif’s work has been covered by VentureBeat, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

Arif will be at WORLDWEBFORUM 2020 as chair of the Artificial Intelligence Track – to dispel myths and invite inclusion into a more accessible AI universe.

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About SingularityNET

SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for AI algorithms. The future will be run on AI: automation is already improving more than 700 job types, lowering costs and increasing output.

SingularityNET lets anyone monetize AI algorithms, allowing companies, organizations, and developers to buy and sell AI at scale.

The business value of AI is becoming clearer each day; however, there’s a significant gap between the people developing AI tools (researchers and academics) and the businesses that want to use them.

Most organizations need a more customized solution than what a single AI project can offer, and research projects oftentimes have trouble accessing a large enough data set to build effective machine learning.

SingularityNET closes these gaps.

What’s next

The immense potential of AI means that it can either increase the inequalities of our societies or liberate us from numerous sufferings.

How can open access networks incentivize talent, design democratic processes and build community-driven AI initiatives that provide viable alternatives to society?

Can we partner with the better angels of the oligopoly to incentivize positive social outcomes?

Can our friends and partners execute on privacy first designs that enable the sovereign individual? What risks and pitfalls lie before us as we build towards a democratic future?

From  Khan’s Disrupt the Disruptors, on Medium


Arif Khan is Chief Marketing Officer at SingularityNET leading a dedicated team of designers, marketers and community leaders for the most ambitious AI meets Blockchain project.

He has more than a decade of international business and marketing experience launching leading technologies in both emerging and developed markets.

More recently he led Product Marketing to drivers for Grab, a humble start-up in Singapore, that eventually grew to acquire Uber’s business in South East Asia.

Other professional experience includes leading market expansion for LinkedIn in Asia and designing a coaching practice that enabled executives to attain breakthrough results in their careers.

Originally trained to be a Civil Engineer, Arif acquired a love for marketing ideas when he discovered debating in University and has never looked back.

Arif is a top writer for Artificial Intelligence on Medium.com and his work has been featured in VentureBeat, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

Arif grew up in Singapore and presently resides in Washington DC.