He is a trained chef and hunter providing certified organic meat, grown sustainably in the wild

Arne Bläsing

Owner, Elbwild, Hamburg, Germany

Why you should listen

It was his trip to New Zealand that made Arne Bläsing realise that the meat sold in Germany is mostly imported and not grown in the wild. This gave him the inspiration to set-up Elbwild. It is a sustainable farm for sheep and cattle that are kept to live in nature all year round by long-established and local farmers.

The meat sold from Elbwild comes exclusively from hunters who know the territory. The animals roam freely on the meadows of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Flusslandschaft Elbe” and they are put out stress-free by a single shot.

Arne Bläsing is advocating consumption of meat with sense and reason. His company from Hamburg focuses on regionality, sustainability, and animal welfare. The Elbwild meat is particularly tasty as it is certified organic.

Meet Arne at Worldwebforum 2020 where he is Food Chain Speaker.


Elbwild is a young company offering regional game and beef from the Hamburg/Elbe region. In addition, we would like to provide you with information and inspiration on the subject of healthy and enjoyable eating of modern game dishes. Our offer includes meat from wild boar, red deer and roe deer as well as the cattle and sheep from the stocks of local organic farmers from the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Natural Landscape Elbe”.

Little by little we will supplement our offer with further regional elbwild products, tasty recipes and inspirations that will make you want to cook and enjoy.



Several years ago I came to New Zealand on a trip around the world. I wondered about the many red deer farms and asked myself why we in Germany import the meat of animals living in the gate, i.e. robbed of their natural habitats, from a distance of 20,000 km, when we have it directly in the region, on our doorstep. Less than 60 km from Hamburg’s city centre and wild.

As a trained cook and hunter, I naturally tried the gate game and noticed that it cannot be compared qualitatively and taste-wise with game from the free nature. Apart from that, I think that game should also live wild and thus species-appropriate.

It took some time as marketing manager in different branches and countries, until a job at a foundation for nature and species protection led me back to Germany and to my hometown Hamburg.

Here the old idea of regional game meat and meat from extensively kept cattle breeds could mature further. The result is “Elbwild”. I would like to share with you my fascination for nature, game, my love for good food, good food and cooking from nature.