She is enchanted by new beginnings and guides companies towards new ways of working

Barbara Josef

Co-Founder, 5to9, Brütten, Switzerland

Why you should listen

People grow when they leave the comfort zone. Does that also apply to organizations? Barbara Josef co-founded 5to9 in 2016, a digital working agency, the name being a reflection of her belief that the best ideas often come beyond work hours.

Her agency guides organizations towards more flexibility and agility to reflect the trends and expectations of modern workforces, which she believes are both drivers for innovation and customer proximity.

Her passion for the future of work narrows in on the way individuals and teams collaborate. Her agency is in-charge of changing and improving the way various organizations in different industries work. In her previous function as Head of Communications and Social Responsibility as a member of the management board of Microsoft Switzerland, she co-initated the project “Home Office Day”, which is today known as the Work Smart Initiative.

Barbara is also doing research on the future of work. She has written her dissertation on “Coworking from a corporate perspective” and has published several studies on the subject at the University of St.Gallen.

Meet Barbara at Worldwebforum 2020 where she is Future of Work Track Speaker.

About 5to9

As a young company, our own learning curve is overhanging. We started with an idea and vague ideas of our fields of activity. And we throw this idea overboard every day – because it is more exciting to drift. This heartbeat, which accompanies new projects, also connects us with our customers and projects. Here, too, it’s always about learning something new and doing things for the first time. People grow when they leave the comfort zone. Does that also apply to organizations? We believe so. We are enchanted by new beginnings and are committed to ensuring that they succeed.


Barbara Josef is Co-Founder of 5to9 AG and supports organizations on their way into new working environments. Before founding her company at the beginning of 2016, she was head of communications and social engagement as a member of the executive board at Microsoft Switzerland, where among other things she Co-initiated the “home office day” (today “work smart”) in 2009.

Barbara Josef originally completed a primary teacher training course and then studied business administration at the university of St. Gallen.