She is leading a standalone venture from Volvo Cars to offer a real alternative to car ownership in cities

Bodil Eriksson

CEO, Volvo Car Mobility Stockholm, Sweden

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About Volvo Car Mobility

Volvo Car Mobility AB is a standalone venture from Volvo Cars based in Stockholm, Sweden. In July 2018, we announced our first brand: M, smart car sharing. Our mission is to enable more people to move—freely, meaningfully, and sustainably.

M will provide a new alternative to private ownership, setting a new standard for consumer experience and tech-enabled mobility. Today, M is live in Stockholm and Uppsala, with more to come in 2020.


Bodil Eriksson is the Chief Executive Officer for Volvo Car Mobility and Leader of M, a global standalone brand from Volvo Cars. M is dedicated to enabling more people to move freely, meaningfully, and sustainably.

In 2017, Bodil was tasked with developing new, shared mobility solutions that put people at the center of products and experiences. Prior to Volvo Car Mobility, Bodil led the re-emergence of the Volvo Cars brand in the U.S. market, helping to establish the brand as a premium player and increase both awareness and sales.

Additionally, Bodil has driven change across the Oil, Insurance, Food and Pharmacy Retail sectors. Through nearly three decades in executive management positions, Bodil has been a champion for consumers to shape the future with their purchasing decisions.