He is a tech unicorn who sold his travel app to Apple which they used to power Apple Maps

Chinedu Echeuro

Co-Founder, Love & Magic Company, New York, USA

Why you should listen

Chinedu Echeruo left his job at JP Morgan to build HopStop, the pioneering travel app that helped millions of users navigate public transportation around the world. Apple acquired HopStop in 2013 and subsequently incorporated much of HopStop’s functionality into Apple Maps.

He also co-founded Tripology.com, a digital platform which connects consumers with specialized travel professionals, later sold to American Travel and navigation company, Rand McNally.

He then founded the networking platform MindMeet which operates on passion economy where one can sell expertise and advice in exchange for monetary payment and a pledge to support the expert’s chosen charity.

Today, Chinedu is operating his Love & Magic Company, a start-up studio that co-builds companies with innovative organizations.

Forbes has named him 1 of the 10 most powerful people in Africa.

Meet Chinedu at Worldwebforum 2020 where he is an AI Track Speaker.

About Love & Magic Company

Love & Magic Company is an award winning startup studio, comprised of tribe of dreamers and builders, on purpose to action work as love made visible, and technology as a coordinating aspect of that love, we co-build beloved organizations with innovative partners following these 3 principles:

• Embody service to collective human growth
• Empower agile and self-organizing teams
• Maximize the flow and use of information



Chinedu Echeruo is a serial entrepreneur who has dared to invent the future: In 2005, he founded HopStop, the pioneering travel app that helped millions of users navigate public transportation in major metropolitan areas around the world. Apple acquired HopStop. He is now the co-founder of the Love & Magic Company, a tech forward, inclusive-innovation consultancy, focused on transforming startups and corporations alike into what they call “Beloved” organizations.

Chinedu believes that individuals, empowered by imagination and information, can solve virtually any problem. Chinedu has been featured in media including Bloomberg, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNBC and more. Chinedu holds an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School and B.S. in Finance and Accounting (Honors) from Syracuse University.