Daniel Niklaus

AI Partner Primework AG, Zurich & CEO Netlive IT AG, switzerland
He's an expert on integrating Artificial Intelligence into real-life business projects


ABOUT Primework

Primework is a provider of personnel services specializing in personnel referral. For more than ten years it has been successfully connecting employers and employees, in all business sectors and at all possible referral levels. 

Primework operates a sector-independent online job search platform and offers job seekers support in all matters. Primework provides the trade and industry sectors, SMEs and large corporates with customized solutions in the fields of personnel recruitment, personnel leasing and personnel referral. 

Primework has grown steadily since its establishment in 2006. This success is born from its dynamic, fair and personal corporate culture. Primework attaches great importance to equal rights, strictly observes all professional criteria, and does not condone any discrimination based on religion, origin, gender, disability or age. Its success is also supported by the economic environment, which promises excellent prospects for the coming years, too. Since 2006, more than 22,000 successful personnel referrals have been made.

To this must be added more than 110 long-term partnership agreements with SMEs and large corporates, with whom Primework maintains fair, honest and forward-looking relationships based on a spirit of partnership. Primework headquarters in Zurich have their own back-office and front-office departments and employ personnel consultants, apprentices and interns. We love to discover fascinating applications for new technologies. Pragmatically innovative is our motto when we think about how your company can save costs and generate more revenue thanks to the Internet, digitization and artificial intelligence.

ABOUT Netlive

Netlive is also the 2017 IBM Bestseller Innovation Award winner and is already in the second round of the IBM Watson Build Challenge with our own Intent Search product. Netlive IT AG does AI.
Hype would say AI is being used by every business today. But the truth is; Not yet. However, you can believe the hype that AI can help your business in many areas. We are here to implement promising, real-world AI solutions, so your business is ready to thrive well into the future.



Daniel Niklaus, owner of Netlive IT AG, is one of the Swiss pioneers of the Internet and was actively involved in the digital change. Netlive IT AG has been implementing innovative projects with major clients such as Swiss Television, UBS, CS, Nestlé and relevant local companies since 1993. Today, Daniel Niklaus and his company are focusing on artificial intelligence because this change will be even greater than anything we have experienced in the last 25 years.

From practice for practice. This presentation shows why the world for companies will change drastically again in the next few years and how professionals can keep up. But it is not a single trend that affects companies, it is different megatrends that come together and allow completely new forms of collaboration and work distribution.

The ongoing internationalisation, simplified work processes thanks to digitalisation, a flood of educational opportunities and the use of artificial intelligence are turning entire industries upside down and creating undreamt-of opportunities. Daniel Niklaus reports on concrete projects from his software company. He draws a comparison with the USA, where he has been running a surf camp with a local business partner for 5 years. And since he himself was a vocational school student, he tries to show how valuable the Swiss vocational training system is for the future.