He prepares companies for the technologies and challenges of the future

Daniel Staub

Co-Founder, Intrinsic, Zurich, Switzerland

Why you should listen

Daniel Staub brings with him an extensive experience from having worked at IBM, ICRC, and running his own Montessori School.

He is a top coach leading intrinsic, a lab and consultancy firm providing support and networking for individuals and entire companies to get them ready for the 4th industrial revolution.

He is an opportunity- finder and go-getter.

Meet Daniel at Worldwebforum 2020 where he is a Track Speaker.


Daniel is the co-founder of intrinsic having one foot in utopia and one foot in reality. He has worked for IBM, the ICRC and ran a Montessori School for a few years.

There he formed such a positive idea of man that he started the Swiss initiative for an unconditional basic income.