Dorian Selz

Co-Founder & CEO, Squirro, zurich, switzerland
A successful serial entrepreneur making his mark with exciting digital innovations


About Squirro

Squirro is a data insights solution developer. Based in Zurich and with offices in London, New York, Munich and Barcelona, Squirro works with global data-driven organisations, predominately those in the financial services and telecom industries. The core suite of Squirro solutions offers risk, service, and customer insights. Deployed by the world’s leading banks, law-enforcement organisations and other commercial businesses, Squirro’s cognitive technology extracts more value and business-critical information from complex data environments to improve operational efficiency and increase revenues.

How to Harvest Data that Matters & Build a Company Around It

Abstract – 80% of enterprise data is unstructured data – call notes, research, email, chats, and more. However, 95% of decision-making is based on structured data (the other 20%), leaving a lot of relevant information untouched in any decision-making process. This market gap is what Squirro addresses. With its unique Smart Filter and Concept Search technologies, Squirro is able to extract value from text. Squirro combines structured and unstructured data to provide the ‘Why’ behind the data. The result is a real-time contextual stream providing an embedded 360° context radar delivering better business all around. Squirro is built by a Zurich based startup, started two years ago.



Dr. Dorian Selz is co-founder and CEO of Squirro. Prior to Squirro, Dorian founded the Swiss search platform and made it the market leader in just four years.

He was previously a partner and COO at Namics, the largest e-business consultancy in Switzerland and Germany. He holds a doctorate from the University of St. Gallen and a master’s degree in economics from the University of Geneva.