He bridges the gap between marketing and technology by turning brand love into profit through Adobe Cloud technologies

Elian Kool

CEO, Netcentric, Zurich, Switzerland

Why you should listen

Elian Kool leads Netcentric, a Cognizant Digital Business, which builds personalized online experiences that connect brands with their customers using scalable Adobe Experience Cloud technologies.

Elian has established himself as a trusted advisor to clients and in the industry.

He believes in working agile. Elian’s leadership style is marked by power distribution within teams, giving them more freedom to self-manage. He takes pride in his team’s ability to be responsive to ever-changing customer expectations and digital landscapes.

He is an expert in marketing automation and scaling projects that have positive business impact.

Meet Elian at Worldwebforum 2020 where he is Future of Marketing Track Speaker.

About Netcentric

Netcentric is a digital service provider that transforms customer experiences for the world’s top brands by unleashing the full potential of the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Netcentric supports clients throughout the entire process chain, from consulting and development through to marketing operations, helping clients execute their digital strategy. Our capability to do all of this is underpinned by our expertise in Adobe Experience Cloud.

Our prime position of being the only Adobe Global Alliance Solution Partner with 5 specializations – Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Manager Sites: Run & Operate – means we create value for our customers quickly.

Becoming a Cognizant Digital Business enables us to provide our clients with an enhanced portfolio of business critical digital experience solutions, strengthening our combined position as a leading customer experience player in Europe.



Elian Kool’s passion for digital transformation has been a major force of Netcentric’s success and growth. As co-founder and CEO, empowering both clients and the Netcentric team to reach excellence underpins Elian’s leadership.

His expertise in Adobe Marketing Cloud technology has established him as a trusted advisor to Netcentric clients and in the industry beyond. His dedication to Netcentric’s core values is evident from his strategic vision of the company’s future to its daily operations.

With his background in software engineering, solution architecture and management, Elian has led multinational teams and delivered best-in-class enterprise projects. Indeed, his achievements today are built on over ten years of experience in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.