Fabian Hediger

He leads the movement for business transformation in Switzerland


Fabian is a man of speed and action, and this has been his driving force as an entrepreneur. Taking inspiration from the garage software successes emerging from the US in the early 90’s, Fabian started Beecom, which has over the last 7 years evolved, and produces what is today’s WORLDWEBFORUM.

Frustrated with not seeing Swiss industry move with dramatic action or fast speed, he set about providing a forum where like-minded business leaders could meet to create catalysts for change.

By curating topical sessions delivered by interesting, influential speakers from his global network, Fabian hopes to inspire radical transformation for a more prosperous future, for ourselves and generations to come.

It's not about digitization anymore

“Why are we still talking about digitization ? After all, they have been around for 30 years. In Silicon Valley , nobody uses the word digitization . In our world, there are simply regions that have other opportunities through new technologies and can develop a new business model from them.

I call the old and new paradigm. The speed of the new companies is enormous. When I look at the older representatives on the Swiss boards of directors, I doubt that a company will get along with them at this rate. It’s not about Digitization , but to new leaders.”

From Handelszeitung


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Alumni of HSG St. Gallen

HSG St. Gallen is ranked by Financial Times in Europe’s top 5 business school and was awarded first place for it’s Master of Management program.

“From insight to impact” is a promise aimed at the results focus of students, against which we can be measured. At the same time, it is also a motivation aimed at their internal, personal development.


Fabian Hediger is Co-founder & CEO of beecom. He studied at the University of St. Gallen, strategy and organization

Fabian is the Founder of the WORLDWEBFORUM business conference series in Zurich.

Fabian is married, has a daughter (*2006), a son (*2008), and lives in the Limmattal, Zurich.

Fabian’s entrepreneurship strengths have seen him found and sell a number of businesses over the last 20 years, including Jump-on-stage.com, an online entertainment booking platform; Sciencebuster AG, a research platform; and MGA AG, a business software provider.

Prior to this, he was employed as Chief Financial Officer of Galerie Hauser & Wirth and in the press department of Thierry Mugler Paris.