He builds AI-powered design & engineering tools that provide possible solutions beyond human imagination

Francesco Iorio

Co-Founder & CEO, Augmenta, Toronto, Canada

Worldwebforum speaker Francesco Iorio
Worldwebforum speaker Francesco Iorio
Worldwebforum speaker Francesco Iorio
Worldwebforum speaker Francesco Iorio

Why you should listen

As CEO of Augmenta, Francesco Iorio assembles experts from artificial intelligence, advanced computational science and user-centered design to transform how people understand and design solutions to the world’s most complex problems.

Through Augmenta he is pioneering a new paradigm of human-computer partnership in problem solving to amplify people’s creativity and decision making abilities. Instead of simply representing the user’s design like all traditional design software, the Artificial Intelligence learns from both the real and virtual world, and partners with the users to explore and explain a vast range of possible solutions, empowering them to deeply understand the impacts and benefits of different approaches and ultimately take the most well-informed decisions and develop the best possible solutions, uninhibited by human biases and limitations.

Previously, he pioneered and then led the development of project “Dreamcatcher”, a revolutionary Generative Design system at Autodesk, transforming the world of mechanical engineering design, and setting off a new generation of design tools.

Today his company works with organizations across a spectrum of industry sectors such as advanced manufacturing, architecture, engineering and life sciences. In the future, they aim to transform the way every major human endeavor is performed and bring about a shift in what we think it means to design something.

Hear Francesco speak at Worldwebforum 2020 about the future of problem solving in partnership with Artificial Intelligence.

About Augmenta

Augmenta has developed a unique combination of AI, computational techniques and human-machine interaction, building custom design tools that completely transform how designers, engineers and planners solve the most complex problems in their industries.

Today, Augmenta works with leading companies across industries like advanced manufacturing, engineering and construction to design and develop revolutionary Artificial Intelligence-powered design and engineering workflows, along with custom, smart robotics to intelligently execute and learn from built designs.

These new workflows dramatically accelerate how businesses design and create new complex products, and services.



Francesco ‘Frio’ Iorio is co-founder and CEO of Augmenta.

Frio is the former Director of Computational Science Research at Autodesk Research. His contributions involved recruiting and leading a group of researchers and engineers in exploring state of the art Computational Science projects and topics, including Generative Design, Machine Learning, Engineering Simulation, Computational Biology, Mathematical Optimization, Mathematical Modeling, Operations Research, Computational Geometry, Data Analytics, 3D Computer Graphics and Computer Aided Design.

Prior to Autodesk Frio was a Solution Architect for Next Generation Computing Systems at the IBM High Performance Computing Group in Dublin, Ireland, where he was the lead solution architect for Cell Broadband Engine processor (Cell/B.E.) related projects, with specific focus on accelerating financial, engineering and digital media workloads using hybrid high-performance computing platforms.

Previously he was a Senior Real-Time Software Architect at Alias, where he was involved in design and development of high-performance 3D computer graphics software applications.

Frio is an invited speaker and panelist at multiple high-profile scientific and engineering venues, and has several awarded patents in his name and co-authored numerous scientific publications in the field of computer science.