Francesco Iorio

CEO, Augmenta AI, Kerzers, Switzerland
He developed the idea of “generative design” where engineers design based on a selection of AI-generated solutions to a given problem


In business, we are trained to predict and infer solutions to problems mostly based on past results. But what happens when these results are not reliable or non-existent? Francesco Iorio’s company, Augmenta, generates completely new solutions to problems using AI and computational techniques that do not necessarily need past data as basis for recommendations. His company designs and develops custom workflows that use artificial intelligence and computational approaches to invent and improve products, processes, strategies, and systems.

He works across industries for companies and provide fresher and more reliable ways of combating challenges.

Francesco was also creator of Project Dreamcatcher at Autodesk. Dreamcatcher has been dubbed as “the next generation CAD” as the system enables CAD to generate thousands of design options which meet designers’ specified goals all at once.

Hear Francesco speak at WORLDWEBFORUM 2020 about how he builds bespoke, open, scalable, and production-ready generative tools for problem-solving needs.

About Augmenta

Augmenta is driven by the conviction that generative methods are poised to enable a revolution in the way people work and approach the most challenging problems in their industries.

We design, develop and deploy custom Generative AI software to accelerate critical workflows while reducing risk and empowering decision makers. We also develop custom hardware (ie. advanced robotics and control systems) that integrates holistically with the new workflows in select applications.

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Francesco ‘Frio’ Iorio is a Director of Computational Science Research at Autodesk Research. His research focuses on software scalability on multi-core and many-core systems, hybrid computing, accelerator systems and general design and exploitation of parallel algorithms on a variety of high performance platforms.

Prior to Autodesk Frio was a Solution Architect for Next Generation Computing Systems at the IBM High Performance Computing Group in Dublin, where he was the lead solution architect for all Cell Broadband Engine processor (Cell/B.E.) related projects, with specific focus on accelerating financial, engineering and digital media workloads using hybrid high performance computing platforms.

Previously he was a Senior Real-Time Software Architect at Alias, where he was involved in design and development of high performance 3D computer graphics software applications.

Before Alias Frio worked for eight years in the videogames industry as technical director and lead software engineer. Frio received his MSc in Information Technology – Software Engineering from The University of Liverpool, UK.