A purveyor of agile development, he is changing the landscape of Swiss firms and federal cantons’ web and mobile platforms

Gerhard Andrey

Co-Founder, Liip, Fribourg, Switzerland

Why you should listen

Gerhard is known for his highly unconventional self-organized, non-hierarchical business set-up. The 130 employees of Liip are scattered all over Switzerland but work together in a well-linked network that is optimized for remote team collaboration.

The digital agency designs and develops web and mobile solutions for Switzerland’s leading companies including Migros, Richemont, Freitag and various cantons and federal state.

It’s team’s projects have regularly won Best Of Swiss Web, Le Meilleur du Web, and Best Of Swiss Apps accolades Gerhard shaped Liip in the creation of long-lasting social, environmental and economic values.

Hear Gerhard speak at Worldwebforum 2020 about agile work and collaboration in the Future of Work Track.

About Liip

Liip stands for digital progress. Wherever innovative precision work is called for, Liip can be found – winning over customers from the private and public sectors alike. Liip has worked with Migros, Richemont and Freitag, as well as various cantons and the federal state. It has even been working with some of these clients for more than a decade.

Liip’s work is focused on managing challenging web and mobile software projects, and its projects have regularly won Best Of Swiss Web, Le Meilleur du Web and Best Of Swiss Apps accolades. Liip has long been committed to an open source approach, and open standards and agile development are part of our DNA.

The latter has shaped the web agency’s philosophy: over 180 employees work without a hierarchy, right where customers need them. Local proximity is very important to Liip, with offices in Zurich, Lausanne, Bern, Fribourg and St. Gallen. Because digital progress is nothing without people.



Gerhard is co-founder and partner of Liip AG with over 130 employees at 5 locations. For customers from the public and private sector, Liip develops web and mobile applications. Liip is committed to open technologies, open standards and an open society. Andrey is also a member of the /ch/open board.

Gerhard studied Wood Engineering and Computer Science for his postgraduate studies, making him a carpenter and computer scientist rolled into one.  He is a member of the Boards of the Alternative Bank and LerNetz and member of the start-up foundation Seed Capital Freiburg. He is also a politician under the National Council of Greens and Vice President of Greens Switzerland.