Ingo Stork-Wersborg

CEO PreciTaste and CTO & CFO PreciBake LLC, New York, USA
Leading the Food Industry through AI and IoT Applications


About PreciTaste

PreciTaste, in the baking world also known as PreciBake, is the technology leader in providing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions that service the food industry. We enable our network of customers to launch successful digital products and AI powered services that realize long lasting competitive advantages within our customers’ various business sectors. PreciTaste/PreciBake’s exclusive focus on AI applications solely for food and food environments using robust, patented technology revolutionizes food-focused businesses by providing scalable solutions that do not disrupt business operations and result in quantifiable, transformative increases in revenue, process efficiencies and product quality. PreciTaste develops the required sensors and controllers and supports and services deployments worldwide.



Dr.-Ing. Ingo Stork-Wersborg is the leading founder of the PreciTaste / PreciBake Group. Trained in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Technische Universität München (TUM), he received a Sc.D. in Machine Learning with the Institute of Data Processing at TUM’s Cluster of Excellence Cognition for Technical Systems (CoTeSys) where he assembled a large research team that continued to work with him at Precitec and finally transferred the proprietary technology into the food and beverage world. Previously, Ingo worked at Siemens AG for the central research and development unit – Corporate Technology. Faithful to his belief in the potential of AI and machine learning applications within different industries, he brought his research and vast AI/Machine Learning knowledge to the automotive industry, working directly with various world leading brands. The group lead by Ingo recognized that when dealing with food as a natural resource, not one apple is like another, setting previously difficult limits for automation in various food and beverage applications.

Through connectivity, AI-powered sensing and software applications, these challenges could be overcome. Creating a first of its kind AI Agent, The Virtual Baker, which essentially makes ovens smart allowing them to autonomously manage baking, and bringing it to market, answered the age-old industry question: how to maintain traditional quality standards in baking while keeping costs competitive and increasing production efficiency with less and less available skilled labor? With growing success in the baking world, and as the business evolved, Ingo began to see ground-breaking, endless possibilities for AI not only in baking but in many other food and beverage applications and processes. For Ingo, it has always been important not only to talk about the future, but to bring the future into today. Ingo holds several patents within the new field of connectivity, sensors and automation in food and kitchen management as well as in the field of machine learning. Today, PreciTaste with its one of a kind, most comprehensive and quickly expanding food data repository offers solutions that can train and implement AI Agents for various applications in cooking, baking, brewing, dispensing, production & inventory management, and POS sales optimization together with manufacturer independent IoT platforms for industrial, commercial and domestic food applications.