James Monsees

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JUUL is an alternative for adult smokers. JUUL delivers nicotine satisfaction akin to a cigarette in a format that’s as simple and easy to use. However, JUUL is not a cigarette. Cigarettes combust when burning tobacco, which creates smoke. JUUL uses a temperature regulation system to heat nicotine-based liquid to an ideal level and is designed to avoid burning. This means that whether you inhale in short puffs or deep draws, JUUL’s vapor is always at the ideal temperature. JUUL’s proprietary nicotine salt formula, design, and temperature regulation result in an experience that we believe creates the first viable alternative to cigarettes for adult smokers. Our product stewardship includes that we implement, maintain and document knowledge based on scientific, evidence-based processes and procedures. We do this to provide reasonable assurance that the components and constituents of our commercial products, and the materials employed in their manufacture, reduce or minimize risk to consumers.

the story behind JUUL

James Monsees and Adam Bowen co-founded JUUL when they applied their background in product design to the challenge of finding a better alternative to smoking. They’d been smokers for many years, but they were increasingly dissatisfied with the health and social impacts of cigarettes. When they could find no attractive alternative to cigarettes, James and Adam recognized a groundbreaking opportunity to apply industrial design to the smoking industry, which had not materially evolved in over one hundred years. As smokers, they knew a viable alternative to cigarettes would have to offer a nicotine level found in no other alternative on the market. It would also have to invite its own ritual. The result was JUUL. What started as a design challenge has since become a mission to positively impact the lives of adult smokers around the globe. JUUL Labs is a thriving team of scientists, engineers, designers, supply chain experts, customer service and business professionals who believe that design, technology, and out-of-the-box thinking are the keys to creating the most satisfying alternatives to cigarettes. We are committed to innovating with adult smokers in mind.


James Monsees is cofounder and chief product officer of PAX Labs, Inc., a leading vaporization technology company in San Francisco that’s reinventing the smoking experience with its innovative, premium vaporizers, PAX and JUUL.

Monsees has over a decade of experience developing consumer products. He was a founding fellow at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University, has served as a product designer for Metaphase Design Group, and as a product design consultant he developed outdoor sports equipment for K2 Sports, as well as developing fuel cells technologies and portable power generation equipment, among others.

Monsees has a master’s degree in product design from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree in physics and studio art from Kenyon College.