Jan Krans

Director Enterprise Collaboration, The Hague, Netherlands
a knowledge expert about social business and collaboration


About the Atos Scientific Community

The Atos Scientific Community is a group of business technologists who are looking ahead to understand the trends that will impact business and society over the coming five years. It consists of 150 selected Atos employees – scientists, technologists, humanists – spread across the globe.

About Atos

Atos is a global leader in digital transformation with 120,000 employees in 73 countries and annual revenue of € 13 billion. European number one in Cloud, Cybersecurity and High-Performance Computing, the Group provides end-to-end Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud, Big Data, Business Applications and Digital Workplace solutions through its Digital Transformation Factory, as well as transactional services through Worldline, the European leader in the payment industry.



Jan has been working in IT for more than 20 years in all kind of different roles, implementing a wide variety of business strategies supported by all types of enterprise applications. In 2006 he discovered his real passion: combining new ways of working with digital and change management. He worked with organizations of all sizes in several countries to support and guide their journey to get the most of their renewed (mass) collaboration experiences. Besides his job at Atos, he has been lecturing Work 2.0 at the The Hague University for six years where he, together with 100 students, has written the book “Generation Y and the new world of work” which got published via crowdfunding.

Jan is a member of the Atos Scientific Community and a Digital Workplace Distinguished Expert and was one of the founders of Atos’ Zero email program. In his current role, Group Director Enterprise Collaboration, he is developing and implementing collaboration strategies to deliver business value by orchestrating (mass) interactions within and across organizations. In the summer of 2018, he decided to combine the knowledge and experience gained to fuel his PhD thesis. Offering him the opportunity to scientifically explore the concept of the Intelligent Networked Enterprise. If you want to know more about his research or want to be involved, don’t hesitate to contact him.