His company created an app that provides neuro-exercises that counteract Parkinson’s Disease

Jens Greve

CEO & Founder, YUVEDO, Berlin, Germany

Why you should listen

Jens is the founder and CEO of YUVEDO (you we do), which develops comprehensive solutions for people with Parkinson’s, a neurodegenerative disease that he was diagnosed with seven years ago. YUVEDO is consistently patient- and data-driven and has established a network of leading neurologists, AI experts and health economists. After the app with exercises to improve symptoms and slow down the progression of the disease a Data Analytics Community will be launched soon.

Jens is a serial entrepreneur and has always been successful with new business models in liberalized markets, including the aviation and postal markets.

As an expert in product innovation and marketing strategies, he is convinced that digital healthcare solutions are successful if next to significant patient’s benefits a movement is created that turns patients into actors and unites them into a community that is driven by a common higher purpose. “The killer applications of the healthcare industry will not be software or platforms, but social communities”, he believes.

Jens studied law and lives with his wife and four children in Berlin. As a member of the advisory board of eLab by CIEE, he is committed to entrepreneurship education. In addition to YUVEDO GmbH, he has co-founded the YUVEDO Foundation.


With YUVEDO people with Parkinson’s disease can alleviate their symptoms, slow down the progression of the disease and improve their individual therapy on the basis of data analysis. YUVEDO is shaping social innovation at the interface of biomedical and technological revolution. Through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, YUVEDO contributes to personalized medicine and the cure of Parkinson’s disease by identifying hidden patterns and correlations.

The core element of the exercises developed with experts is the completely new integration of the sensory system. YUVEDO generates high motivation through teams, chats and push notifications. Progress is measured by validated scores. So far, nobody has succeeded in collecting and evaluating large amounts of reliable patient data. Changing this is YUVEDO’s mission. They are an experienced, highly qualified team of 10 professionals, over 20 dedicated experts (mostly professors) and over 50 patients in the support group.



Jens is founder and managing director of YUVEDO. He is a lawyer, entrepreneur and father of four children. Jens has been intensively involved in the therapy of the disease and has achieved a relatively flat course.

Jens was diagnosed in 2013 and wants to make a meaningful contribution to the community.