Jon Erni

ceo, mia engiadina, zurich, switzerland
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About mia engiadina

mia Engiadina makes the Engadine the preferred place of retreat, inspiration and networking in Switzerland. The ideal combination of work and relaxation, the third place of first choice. Companies and “knowledge workers” benefit from an infrastructure, services and offerings that promote concentrated work and make ideas fly. Opportunities to change perspectives, to recharge their batteries, to cultivate exchange. Embedded in a unique environment, which offers body and soul all alternations, in order to throw off ballast, to come on new thoughts, to aerate.

mia Engiadina wants to share living space and traditions. Wants to be a community of Engadin, part-time Engadin and globetrotters. Wants to bring people and topics together, initiate innovations and dialogues.

mia Engiadina is also tia Engiadina.



The part-time Engadine Jon Erni founded the initiative together with Not Carl five years ago, from which the mia Engiadina project emerged. Jon Erni grew up in the Engadine, but moved to the Canton of Zurich after high school to study electrical engineering at ETH Zurich. Although he has lived permanently in the Zurich region ever since, his origins in the Engadine, the Romansh language and nature are very close to his heart.

With the foundation of mia Engiadina he hoped to support the region in its development and to bring together many people in the Engadine. In addition to his profession as CEO of mia Engiadina, Jon Erni spends a lot of time in nature and also musically plays the clarinet in the Chapella Erni.