He provides early stage funding to healthcare and life sciences entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities

Joshua Pineault

Co-Founder, Jump Canon, Seattle, USA

Why you should listen

Joshua Pineault is Co-founder at Jump Canon, a venture capital firm that provides pre-seed and seed support to early stage investment to founders of unconventional and underrepresented backgrounds building high-value technology.

He has been a devoted adviser to many entrepreneurs throughout his career. His expertise lies on social innovation, technology and movement-building. Prior to founding Jump Canon, he set-up Genimbi which used software and machine learning to tackle cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Meet Joshua at Worldwebforum 2020 where he is a Mckinsey Track Speaker.

About Jump Canon

Jump Canon is a venture firm offering early stage investment for founders of spectacular, unconventional, and underrepresented backgrounds. Inclusivity in innovation and innovators is necessary to see complex problems solved, and we go beyond capital for those entrepreneurs best equipped to capture that enormous value.



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