Kathrin Toldo

foodstylist, photographer & blogger, switzerland
In her digital diary, she publishes her own recipes - true culinary works of art


About Kuisine

From Stylight

Recipes with sustainable, healthy and fresh ingredients. That’s what Kathrin’s blog Kuisine is about. The hobby chef creates the most delicious recipes, taking great care to use regional products – which have been fairly produced -, farm meat and fresh ingredients.

Breakfast recipes are particularly appealing to us. We immediately had to try out the Chia Pudding pomegranate.

The recipes for main meals are divided into meat, BBQ, vegetarian and vegan. So if you can’t find the right new favourite recipe for everyone!


Behind Kuisine is me, Kathrin Toldo. Besides my food blog, which I run in my spare time, I am a photographer. I love cosy (summer) evenings with delicious food together with my sweetheart, family and friends. On my blog I share recipes from different diets that I particularly like.

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Kathrin – aka Kuisine – is a Swiss food stylist, blogger and photographer who believes in the beauty and community of food. She draws our attention towards the empowerment of food as she aims to translate her love for food into stories: They speak the language of respect for our planet and the celebration of life. As a self taught cook and photographer, Kathrin spent a lot of her early years learning in the kitchen and discovering textures, colours and variety through the lens of a camera.

Turning her passion into a job, Kathrin became a well-respected and sought-after professional in the Swiss food industry. She has worked for several renowned brands and companies by developing recipes for them and putting these into the spotlight. Soaking up ideas from the modern gourmet kitchen as well as fiddling with ingredients on a daily basis, Kathrin creates recipes and food stylings that feel current yet quite unexpected.