Kimberly Gordon

Founder & CEO, Depict, San Francisco, CA, USA
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About Depict

Discover, Collect, and Display Art

At Depict, we believe your life is always changing, and so your art should too. We are a startup that is bringing digital discovery to art with our revolutionary platform designed to help you browse, collect, and display museum-quality art in your home. Our flagship product, the Depict Frame, is a stunning 49″ 4K digital canvas now available to order. Controlled with the Depict app, the Depict Frame can display artwork from expert curated collections or your own images. It’s like bringing the museum home!



Kim Gordon is the 28-year-old CEO and cofounder of San Francisco-based startup Depict. Her company, funded by $2.3 million from angel investors including early Uber backer (and Boston Celtics co-owner) Jim Pallotta and early PayPal backer Bruce Gibney, is harnessing technology in the service of art. Founded in 2012, Depict is now taking orders on its signature device, the Frame ($1,800), an ultra-HD, 4K-resolution display for increasingly ambitious—and expensive—digital artworks.

Depict is also creating a distribution network and tracking system for digital art. Gordon, an art-lover who favors Modigliani, has an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and helped build the first domestic carbon-trading platform in China while working for nonprofit Emissions Zero in Shanghai (she also speaks Mandarin).