Kris Paasila

CEO & Founder, INSIDE Labs, graubünden, switzerland
A digital pioneer transforming Alps tourism


About inside labs AG

We build next generation digital engagement platforms. Connecting technology and humans in a meaningful way. By exploring new tech and digital driven business models we are always in the search of new opportunities to sustainably solve people’s problems. Our biggest ambition is to help companies and their employees in the transformation into the future of business.

We don’t see AirBnB, Uber, Netflix or Tesla as tech companies. These are just companies (in the hospitality, mobility, entertainment and automotive industry) who know how to use technology to scale their business and drive competitive advantage. Our aim is to elevate companies to this very level by helping to explore new directions, building state-of-the-art tech solutions and educating people to have the mindset needed to successfully transfer into the future.



Kristian Paasila is co-founder and CEO of inside labs. After studying in London, working in Helsinki, Cape Town and Beijing and starting a venture in renewable energy, the Swiss Alps was the place he wanted to be. As a mountain lover and digital marketing expert, he found his way to LAAX six years ago.

There he had a whole mountain as his playground and could experiment with how technology can be used to personalize and gamify travel experiences. Today, his team build engagement platforms that provide meaningful digital experiences through digital loyalty, gamification and personalized communication in destinations such as Zermatt, Laax and beyond.